What’s Fun About Bingo?


BINGO!  There’s power in that little word!  Three times a week I head for the Bingo room to try my hand at winning.  I figured out there is no strategy with playing the game.  You get to pick three cards for a buck, but the caller never calls my numbers…what gives?  Is there some trick to Bingo that I am not aware of?  Are certain numbers better than others?  Is it where I sit?  Is it with whom I sit?  Please if you have an answer, let me know.  It’s not losing a dollar that bothers me, it’s people winning the money!!

Today we had a session called HIGH STAKES BINGO.  The cost was $2 for three cards.  The winnings were much more than usual:  $10-15 each game and $50 for coverall. Two times I had one number left to be called.  Two times I lost!  Come on you Bingo players universal…what’s the catch?

By the way, I am not a gambler.  I just use the game as an outing for pleasure.  

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The Isles of Vero Beach…Florida Living!


Just a short note today.  Living in this Independent Living Facility is pretty cool.  I get breakfast cooked to my taste everyday; I don’t have to clean toilets anymore; I can play cards to my heart’s content; I can go to Bingo three times a week and not have to go outside;  I can go and come as I wish; they even take out my trash; Our apartments are cleaned once a week; I don’t have to make beds anymore; Lunch and dinner are yummy in the dining room; the servers love all of us; and there is something to do if I am ever bored!

If you have issues with your body falling apart (or have a bad back and neck like I do), this is the best place to live.  There is a heated pool, a card room, social room, craft room, billliard room, chapel, and a drug store all on the property.  Check it out.  We have been here almost a year.Image

Tuesdays’ concerns…Bible Study Day


For the past twenty-five years I have held a Bible Study once a week in our home.  Here at the Isles, I offer a Women’s Bible Study once a week on Tues. nights, 6:15 pm. Tuesday night we began a study of James.  James is a pretty important disciple of Jesus.  In the first place, he is believed to be Jesus’ half brother.  Secondly, he became the head of the church in Jerusalem after Jesus’ death and resurrection. My Bible Study is non-denominational, which mean any Christian faith is welcomed.  One of my members is catholic and told me that Jesus had no brothers or sisters…that Mary remained a virgin throughout her life.  Is there any proof one way or the other?

Thanks for your answer in advance, My reference: John 7:5

Jesus in the Garden