Alaska by land and sea


I took this picture a few years back when I visited Alaska on a tour both by land and by sea.  It was a fantastic two week adventure that I’ll never forget. Alaska is a wild, wonderful place to visit. Everything there is bigger and better than anywhere else on Earth.  I saw grizzly bears, eagles, caribou, mountain sheep, and even a huge moose.If you get a chance to visit, it’s worth every bit of your time and money!  Enjoy!

Alaska by land and


My Mother, My Friend


My Mother, My Friend

This is a photo of my mother about 8 years ago. She used to come to the campus with me once a week and file. She is putting new tests in my testing manual. Mother loved to keep busy and she was until the last three years of her life. She was a classy lady with lots of talents like writing poetry, organizing events at church, and of course her job at Savings Bonds Division of the Treasury. She used to travel all over the US and teach payroll clerks how to do Savings Bonds deductions. I miss her. She died of Alzheimer’s, a cruel disease of the mind.

Writers Write!


Writers Write!

This is the cover of 1 of 4 Text books I wrote when I was Ann Hill for DBCC and my HS classes. Since then I have written one other text book with another author and two children’s lap books. Right now I am looking for publisher for my next two books…From There to Eternity: A Believer’s Story of Survival with reflections by her daughter and Milligan Mayhem, a short mystery novelette that takes place in the 1960’s at Milligan college, my Alma mater. Look for them soon. I may publish with PublishAmerica again.

Looking for Paradise on Earth?


Thought I’d tell you a little bit more about this Independent Living Place at the Isles of Vero Beach.  We are located about 2 miles from I95 and about 12 min. from the ocean.  Our complex is huge…like four buildings all connected, three stories high.  All the apartments have a sun porch.  Some of the porches are enclosed like mine, but some on the first floor have screened in porches with a little patio area.  The apartments are really spacious and cute.  Our apartment has one huge bedroom with walk in closet and a full bath.  We also have a den which houses an extra single bed, three curio cabinets, a chair, lamp, and my computer desk/etc.  There is a door to this room but no closet.  The den also has a large window and a door to the patio.

Our sunroom is really nice.  It holds another single bed, a desk (with my doll house on it), a table and lamp, and my c-pap equipment on one end on a table.  The entire room has windows!  there is also a huge storage area that could hold a washer and dryer, or you could use it as a storage room like we do.  There is free laundry with washers and dryers on each floor.

We have another full bath with shower, a full kitchen (mine has room for a table and chairs and a baker’s rack.)  Our living room/dining room is one big area.  Since we eat all our meals downstairs in our dining room, we have a drop leaf table and four chairs available if we want to have company for cards/games.  We usually just use the card room for that.

I really enjoy it here and stay very busy.  I am the new President of the residents’ association that meets together with all the people once a month.  I also teach a Bible Study on Tuesday nights and I host a story telling session on Sat. afternoons when different people here tell us about their life story.  It’s a lot of fun and everyone who comes enjoys it.  This Sat. we are having a couple tell about Madagascar…where they lived for awhile in the Peace Corp! Frank and I play cards/Mexican train with them once a week and they have an interesting story to tell.

I also stay busy with exercise (bike in our gym). On Thurs. we go to a home group from church. We spend about two hours at church on Sundays.  It’s a great Vineyard Christian church which has awesome music!

We enjoy entertainment at least once a week, root beer floats on Wed. afternoons, wii bowling (our team bowls on Fridays), horse racing on Wed., Bingo three nights a week, craft classes on Monday afternoon (this week we’re making Kentucky Derby hats to wear to our Kentucky Derby party), and other things that happen for special holidays.

We have a chapel and service three times a month with communion once a month.  We also have a beauty parlor with three hairdressers and a nail tech.Image  The pool is open year round and is heated.  We have water aerobics twice a week from April to Oct. We have a bus that is available for dr. appt. and shopping trips.  We also have a car that is available, too. You really don’t need a car here.

If you are considering retirement, this is a great place to live…We have folks from 65 to 102 !! We even have an apartment or two for rental when we have lots of company.  Small charge includes meals.  Sounds like paradise, doesn’t it? It sure seems like it each week when someone vacuums, cleans the toilets, and changes the linens!!

God Bless!

Anyone Hungry?


Isles at Vero Beach 027

Just a short blog before dinner tonight.  At the Isles we are on a tight schedule..breakfast=8am, lunch=12noon, supper=5 pm….

You have to be there when serving begins because there is a process…first, out comes one tray on wheels that brings in am…hot cereals…lunch…the drinks and salads, and supper…the hot soup…So if you miss that opportunity, it’s gone!

Supper is usually light fare…sandwiches/salads and soup.  Of course we have dessert two times a day, which is great.  We are offered ice cream at lunch and supper…great choices=mint choc. chip, butter pecan, strawberry, choc., vanilla, and sherbet….

The food here is fantastic.  First off, I don’t have to do the grocery shopping anymore…or hauling it all inside and putting it all away!! cooking…no clearing the table…no washing the dishes…I tell you the truth!  The meals are varied and the chef is fantastic.  We have a food committee who takes issues to the chef once a month.

The other great thing about the food is the alternate choice.  For example, today at lunch we had pollack or we could have chicken Marcella..We also get a potato/rice/sweet potato and a vegetable…hot bread/rolls…and dessert…We can order half, regular, or large order, also.

Well, all this is making me hungry.  I only had a jello salad and vegetables for lunch..too much breakfast today.  NOW I am hungry!

God Bless!

Seventy is not for sissies…


Word to the Wise:  if you are a computer user and seventy, make sure you have the money to put into old hardware and new software.

I am having major problems and cannot access Internet new blogs until I figure out whether or not to buy a new computer or go without.

God Bless.