For the Love of a Dog…


For the Love of a Dog...

If you know someone who lives alone or feels lonely all the time, suggest getting a dog or cat as a companion. I love both. Dogs are so loving, especially small dogs…but I am in love with my two chihuahuas. LOL! These two keep me laughing. I love their personalities and how they jocking for my attention. The smallest on left is Lexie. She used to be my nephew’s dog, but now she belongs to me. Missy came from Georgia, but now is a true Florida-girl! They both bury themselves in blankets. The little “talks” to me. Missy never talks, but obeys as if she knows exactly what I am saying to her. They both have stolen my heart! They are so easy to take care of. People who have no pets just don’t know what they are missing! Love, Love, Love…I give it to them and they give it to me. It’s a great partnership!


Red Sails in the Sunset


Red Sails in the Sunset

I took this photo a few years ago in the Keys. I used to sing Red Sails in the Sunset with my mother when I was young. When I saw what the sun did to the sails on this sloop, I then understood the song! The sails were white until that setting sun hit them just right! I caught this photo at just the right moment. Enjoy.

Memorial Day 2012 Daytona


Memorial Day 2012 Daytona

Photo taken at BoonDocks right after a storm. 1988: Memorial Day was the day I lost my job, my home, and almost my life. This is recorded in our soon to be published book. Daughter and I wrote the book to help others cope with the unexpected hardships of life. Memorial Day will always be a red-letter day to me. Have a blessed one this year!!  I will be spending mine at the pool!

Catch-up and one more question


Ahhh….I have my Internet Connection back!  I’m getting to be a real tech-pro with all these things going wrong with my computer. I really need a new one, but this will have to last as long as it can.   My computer crashes at least once a week and when that happens I lose my IP address…that in turn keeps me from the Internet, which I need in order to fix the problem…so complicated, isn’t it?

I’ve been lost for words lately because I am finishing up two books.  I think I will find my words next week, or maybe not…not until I find a publisher…haha…

It’s been difficult with no computer hookup.  The Isles does have one computer to share, but many times it is being used.  I really can’t do much searching, note taking, etc. on that computer.  

Thanks to those who responded to my question about angels.  My class is tonight and i will share with them.  

I do have another question about angels.  The Catholic Church recognizes many named angels.  From where do they get their information/source?  I only see several in the Bible.

Well, that’s all for now.  I need to rest my neck for a while…I have stenosis…and need to ice down for a few min. before supper.

God bless!Image

Do you believe in Angels?


Just a short blog this evening before dinner.  My Bible Study is going to study Angels starting tonight.  I have the outline and know that it will be a very good study.  I have had two encounters or more with angels but have never really seen what we think of as angels.  I was wondering if any of you have had an encounter that you’d like to share with me and my class.  

I  know of others who have had encounters, but I ‘d like some new material…so let me know your story…I truly believe.  They are mentioned a lot in the Bible and scripture says so much about them.  They are ministering to us….and they will minister to us when we go to heaven…such a wonderful thought..

I’d love to speak with one and see how different they are from us. Enough for now.  Hoping to hear from you soon.

This is a picture of an angel in the sky, flying around.