Retirement and Bingo!


Hi, all.  I have a dilemma. I call Bingo here where I live in Independent Senior housing two times a week.  I have been doing this for about a year.

On this past Monday, I played 6 games with them (about 30).  I introduced two new shapes for play.  I have never heard such complaining!  The Sat. before I had a new sheet also, but was told they were all too easy and boring.

Here’s the problem. I need to be diplomatic and let them all know that they must be tolerant of each other’s Bingo fun.  I can’t please them all, but I can be fair and play some hard games and some easy games.  They need to understand that everyone loves to play, but some are slower than others and some play 6 cards instead of 3 cards.  How do I convince them to keep playing and if a game seems hard, just play one card until they see the new pattern better.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them seem “dull”.

Thanks for your comments.  I call Bingo tomorrow night!



Mah Jong


I played 5 hands of Mah Jong tonight and couldn’t win one!!! Two games were a shut-out…no one won; and one women won the other three….bummer…

I love the game, however.  It is addictive!  You hate to quit!

I am reading a fascinating book that many of you would love…It’s called UNDEMOCRATIC by Jay Sekulow…ACLJ lawyer.  He tells the whole story about the IRS…and other agencies that are so powerful that they make their own rules and  no one votes on them.  It’s a must read…easy and fast.

I am also reading 4 of Tim LaHays’ books..fiction, but so interesting…Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  I read them a long time ago and wanted to reread them.  We are studying the Gospels in Bible Study and these books were written taking into consideration the Word.

I guess that’s all for tonight.  I am pooped!  It ain’t easy being green! and 71!!


The Merry Month of May


Just a short note to my readers.  I am being lazy these days.   I apologize…Spent two hours tonight ordering Memory Bench for one of our residents.  I order them and get the plaque engraved for the Residents’ Association for which I am the secretary.

I love doing that, but it took some time tonight because the bench that we buy was not available in 5 ft. size, so I had to find a substitute..only difference was the back…straight across instead of curved…no big deal.  Still a beautiful bench to honor the man’s deceased wife.

Today on Amazon, my Milligan Mayhem novelette is being billed as $0.99 for a few days, so if you haven’t read it yet, now would be  a good time to get it.  It usually costs $2.99..still a great price.

The other book, a memoir by my daughter and me, took us 2 years to write and get it posted on Amazon.  Grace for Gypsy Girls.  You can find both books under my pen name:  Ann Naedele

While in Amazon check out all the other deals.  My books are eBooks for now, not paperback.  Maybe one day!

Well, tomorrow is another day.  Perhaps I will share a few pages from my book with you then.  My husband has 2 dr. appt. so I will be busy all afternoon.

Look for my post after supper time.

Blessings to all.