Several years ago I had an intervention—a heavenly intervention.

I had gone to Publix to shop after church one night; then stopped at a friend’s house for a few minutes.  While I was there, I stood outside her home with the doors of my car open.  it was a very balmy night.  I got back into my car to leave and a huge Palmetto bug glared at me from the passenger seat.  At this point I screamed, got out of the car, and ran into her house yelling!  She handed me some bug spray and we both went back out to see if I could chase it away.

I tried my best, but the spray just sent it into hiding.  Now what was I to do.  I had to go home because the car was filled with groceries.

My friend let me keep the bug spray, so on the way home, with the inside lights on, I watched for the BIG BUG to come out again!  IT DID!!!

I slammed on the breaks, jumped out, grabbed the bug spray, and opened up the other door so I could chase it out of the car.  I sprayed and it took off into the night…this time OUT the door.  I was so relieved. I quickly shut the other door and jumped back in the car.  I sat there a moment to calm myself.

Coming toward me was a black SUV with its lights blinking and its horn blowing.  I thought it might be a student from the college or someone from church who needed me for some reason.  I sat there until the car made a U-turn and pulled in behind me.

I watched through the rear view mirror for someone to get out of the SUV, but no one did. The lights never came on because no door was opened…or so I thought.  The next thing I knew someone was knocking on the passenger door window.  It was a young black man, but no one I knew.  My window was cracked a little, so I asked him what he wanted.  He said, “How do I get to Orange Avenue?”

“That’s easy,” I said.  “Just go straight for another two blocks.  Orange Avenue is at the next light.”

Just then I heard someone else trying to get into my back door on my side of the car.  I looked around and there was another black guy at the back window.  “Open the door,” he yelled.

“It is only two blocks.  You can walk,” I said calmly.

He didn’t like my answer, so he stuck a large barreled hand gun up to my window pointed to my head.  I didn’t have much time to ponder the  situation.  A voice said, “Your car is in drive.  Step on the gas!”

I tromped on the gas pedal, ducked my head, and took off.  I left them in the dust!  I called 911 and headed toward the police station.  I went in and filled out the forms, but I shook all the way there and back to my house.

That voice was an intervention from the Holy Spirit.  I am sure of it.  There was no one else around who could have said that to me.  Believe it or not, I would not be here if that voice had not told me what to do.

Do you listen for God’s voice?  You must be open to his calling.  I’m glad he chose to talk to me that night, and I am glad I listened.

God Bless.


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