Marketing Woes of Author


Just a note tonight about my day of preparing marketing materials to send out about our book promotion: Grace for Gypsy Girls by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele

Yes, that is me..Ann, previous married name.

anyway…I put together a few pieces about the book and would like to share with you if I can figure out how to do it…haha.,.novice at tech. after all these years!

About the book:  This memoir tells the inspiring story about Ann and RonnAnn’s amazing life in spite of overwhelming and devastating circumstances; they could have become victims but chose to be survivors.  Booker T. Washington said it well, “Success is not measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he/she has overcome while trying to succeed.”  Their lives read like a paperback novel, full of drama, life-altering illnesses, rape, domestic abuse, loss of jobs, homes, and children as they survived natural disasters.  Once you begin to read the book, you can’t put it down.”

About the Authors:  This mother/daughter duo is a strong representation of women who win in life.  Ann taught school for 38 years, holding down second jobs along the way.  RonnAnn became a doctor which smashes the myth that children of single parents can’t be successful.

What do you think?  Would that description make you want to read the book?  Any suggestions?


The Author in Me


I am going to start posting more frequently because I have several new books coming out by the end of the year.  Hopefully, I will be able to share some of them with you in my blog.

First off, I want to entreat you to read the memoir written by my daughter and I over two years ago.  We did not do much marketing because she was beginning a new career and I was caregiver to my dear belated husband Frank.  Now we are really moving on our book and ways to share it with others that need to read it.  If you have read it, we would appreciate your input.  Many books are ranked by their stars on; it would be nice to have more reviews as we begin to do our marketing.  Who knows; we might just use your words for some of our updates!

The book is entitled:  Grace for Gypsy Girls (and the soon-to-be- subtitle will be:   A Survival Memoir….we hope that addition will drive move readers our way.  Any help you can give will be much appreciated.

Grace for Gypsy Girls  by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele


More tomorrow about the two books I have written about life on campus in the Tennessee hills during the 1960’s.   Another book in the series is almost done!  I’ll have a freeby for those who want to participate!!


Note:  my readers know me as Ann Palmieri but my writing name changes from time to time:  I have written under Ann Hill, Ann, Ann Naedele, and Ann Palmieri.



2017 A Message from Ann


Hello, readers.  I haven’t been on his site since my husband died.  I just didn’t know what to say.  Now I have a few ideas that I need to share.

1.  Our world is in a mess.  Let’s pull together and try to get along, but it is hard to fight evil on a civil basis.  If we have to fire a missile, then stand behind our President and get on with matters.  Better to fire than to be dead.

2.  God is watching us.  We fight the powers of the air.  Evil is sent by Satan and his demons.  Do we stand by and watch them destroy the earth?

any comments?  What does the Bible say?





Self-discovery: I have a learning disability!


After teaching for over 30 years, I was diagnosed with two learning disabilities.  What?  How can that be?  I have two degrees, have written five textbooks, do curriculum work, and teach 20 different subjects.

I was in a class to learn about disabilities and the teacher gave us a little test.  It was a simple test, but it certainly opened my eyes. The test measures the student’s ability to learn in four parameters:  hearing,visually, reading, and tactile.

I scored a 0 in hearing, a 1 in reading, and did evenly in visual and tactile.  I could that be?  I am a major in English language and literature!  I have taken all my master classes at the university and received A’s.

My teacher said usually the best teachers are the ones who had to overcome some obstacle in order to learn.  She was right about that.  I had a tough time in high school and in college.  I could not memorize, I could not just sit and listen to the teacher and learn anything, and when I read, I had to reread, reread, and reread.

Eventually I overcame the disability of hearing and learning and reading and learning by studying the only way I could learn.  I would take copious notes, underline the text, make up quizzes to take, reread, and outline the tough parts.  By doing this, I learned to pass the tests.

It took me longer to learn than anyone else, but in the end, I really knew what I had learned.  I felt stupid and didn’t know why everything was so hard for me.  Somehow, I muddled through high school.

College classes were also difficult because of my disabilities, but no one noticed.  I took many notes, bought used texts that had answers written in the margins or footnotes, reread each assignment several times, made up my own quizzes, etc.  I had roommates who would ask me questions about the work.  That also helped.

I’m writing about this today in hopes that someone out there who is struggling with the learning process understands that not all is lost.  There is hope for you, too.  Over compensate.  Over read.  Take lots of notes, etc.  You can become your own teacher!

If you are a parent, make sure your child can understand what he/she reads.  Also check the hearing and learning by telling the child something to do, put something in order, etc. and see how much he/she struggles with that.  Stand up lecturing is not good for that type of learner.  Unfortunately, many classes are taught in that manner.  See what else is available.

No one caught my two disabilities and I went all the way through graduate school.  Don’t make your child struggle if he/she doesn’t have to do so.  Help with homework.  Question the teacher about your child’s learning style.  There are instruments that test this in our children.

Finally, be an alert parent.  Seek help when needed for your child.  Be informed, and be on top of your child’s progress in school.


Five Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School


I taught in public education for over 38 years and have dealt with all kinds of students and parents.  In this blog, I want to share some ideas with you that will help your child succeed in school.

  1.  Always be interested in what your child has done in school.  Look over any papers brought home, any grades written on the papers, etc.  This single ACT of interest will create a bond between you and the child.  Do not criticize the work.  Just acknowledge the work was done and received a grade or a star, etc.  Many of my students have said, “Why try to get better grades!  My parents don’t even look at my work.!”
  2.  Show up at school meetings, introductions, etc.  This shows the teacher that YOU really are concerned In the student’s welfare. It also reassures the child that you ARE interested.
  3. Make a chart (make it attractive) and hang it in child’s room. Every time the child makes a grade better than the last, put it on the chart and add some sticker or star to show it off.  Let the child have pride in doing better…Don’t expect A’s right away, either.  Give the child PRAISE.
  4. Get down on your child’s level.  For elementary school aged children, sit down on the floor with them.  Don’t hover above them.  Older children need you  to sit beside them as you talk and look at their work.  If you had a particular issue in school, tell the child in order to communicate your feelings.  However, don’t let them get discouraged by your failure…tell them it got better!
  5.   Take a determined interest in helping your child LIKE the education process.  Talk about the teacher and the classroom.  Is the child afraid of something? Is he/she being embarrassed by something?  Does your child have an undiagnosed learning disability?  I want you to make sure your child CAN learn.  It may not be as fast as the others, but most children, given enough time and attention can LEARN.  In today’s world, the biggest problem is HOW your child learns.  Perhaps he/she has a reading disability or a hearing disability. Maybe your child cannot see clearly or sits back too far from the teacher and the board.  This is your time to PLAY detective.  Find out with the teacher’s help HOW you can help.

In future blogs, I will be adding some other suggestions.  If you have a question for me, just leave a comment.

God Bless!