Vertigo is not for sissies!


Just a short post tonight.  It’s our night to go out to a home group from church, but I am still feeling a little shaky from my bout with vertigo…a horrible affliction caused by something getting off whack in my equilibrium!

When it hit me, I was in a friend’s apartment looking at her printer and trying to understand why it wouldn’t print.  I went back and forth from printer to computer several times trying new things with the tool box/settings, etc.  All of a sudden I broke out in a sweat and the room began to move around me.  I knew what it was.  It had hit me several times before.

My friend offered me a trash can because that motion thing causes nausea.  I didn’t throw up, but sure did feel like I was gonna…I knew I couldn’t crawl back to my apartment…I live on the second floor…she lives on the third…So…we called a manager and he brought a wheel-chair for my ride down to my abode.  When one has vertigo, one cannot open the eyes…the rooms do not stop moving…not until I could get my medicine…I keep some just in case it happens.  It will put me to sleep, but the room does quit swirling around and around and around.

It is a little difficult to use the computer, too.  So…tonight’s post will have to close for now.  Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for me to post.  I didn’t have Bible study this week either.  Friday is wii bowling day, so maybe later in the day, I will find something interesting to tell you.  There are still many tales in this old head of mine.

Remember to keep the faith!

God Bless. 


6 thoughts on “Vertigo is not for sissies!

  1. vcowbfish

    Sorry about your Vertigo…I had it once and it was horrible. What do you take for it? I didn’t think there was anything you could do about it??

  2. RonnAnn

    Also known as Antivert brand name. There are maneuvers of your head that can realign the otoliths or stones in your semi circular canals.

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