Everyone has a story to tell!


We live with some amazing people here at the Isles.  People from all over the United States come to live in Florida and when needed, they move into Independent and Assisted Living residences.  The Isles at Vero Beach has both types of residents.  What is appealing to me are the different stories each person has to tell.  In fact, I am beginning a class on how to tell your story on Saturday.  I have a story to tell and so does everyone, even you.  The problem arises because people think they need to know how to write like a novelist.  Fact is, one can tell his/her story in very simple stories.  Some of the amazing ones I am going to share with you today.

A lady named Ida told me one of her stories just recently.  At dinner, she sat with me and we talked about her pet Tiki.  It seems her husband and children stopped by a jungle land in Florida while they were visiting years ago.  She stayed in the car while they went inside.  When her husband came back with the kids, he was carrying something in his hand; it was tiny and cute and she asked, “What is that?”

“Why it is a baby monkey! I bought him for our son.”

She was very quiet on their way home while her son cuddled with his new pet.  Her husband built the little monkey a beautiful cage to live in and the family accepted it as a new family member.  My friend had to go to a jungle store up North to find out how to raise and feed a monkey.  She asked how long does a monkey live and no one seemed to know the answer to that one.  “It depends on how you take care of the pet.”

Well, Tiki had a long life…21 years!  Tiki was just like a treasured family pet.  She learned its mannerisms and its voices.  Tiki grew very close to her husband and her son.  They played with the little guy all the time. One day Tiki caught the attention of her husband and wanted out of the cage.  He took Tiki out and held him up close to him.  Tiki curled into his body and was very content.  It was Tiki’s time to die, and he wanted to be near his beloved “Daddy.”  It was the only time his wife had ever seen him shed a tear.

There are many other stories in our little community.  I have met a couple who joined the Peace Corp and spent several years in Madagascar.  Another couple lived much of their lives in  Colonial Williamsburg, being part of the historical landscape.  They wore period costumes, taught period dancing, and even did carpentry work for the village.  Wow!  Interesting stories are coming at me all the time.  That is why I am holding the class; these people need to share their amazing lives with others!  Stay tuned for more!

God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Everyone has a story to tell!

  1. Tammy

    Perhaps you can put the stories together and get them published….at least for the residents and their families. Seems like there are many interesting stories to be shared….How did your first class go..

    • First class I had nine people…They loved it.
      Second class I had nine people…some were new , some from first class didn’t come back…
      The lady with Tiki, the monkey, told her story…they loved it!!
      We are meeting every Sat. at 3 PM…

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