Anyone Hungry?


Isles at Vero Beach 027

Just a short blog before dinner tonight.  At the Isles we are on a tight schedule..breakfast=8am, lunch=12noon, supper=5 pm….

You have to be there when serving begins because there is a process…first, out comes one tray on wheels that brings in am…hot cereals…lunch…the drinks and salads, and supper…the hot soup…So if you miss that opportunity, it’s gone!

Supper is usually light fare…sandwiches/salads and soup.  Of course we have dessert two times a day, which is great.  We are offered ice cream at lunch and supper…great choices=mint choc. chip, butter pecan, strawberry, choc., vanilla, and sherbet….

The food here is fantastic.  First off, I don’t have to do the grocery shopping anymore…or hauling it all inside and putting it all away!! cooking…no clearing the table…no washing the dishes…I tell you the truth!  The meals are varied and the chef is fantastic.  We have a food committee who takes issues to the chef once a month.

The other great thing about the food is the alternate choice.  For example, today at lunch we had pollack or we could have chicken Marcella..We also get a potato/rice/sweet potato and a vegetable…hot bread/rolls…and dessert…We can order half, regular, or large order, also.

Well, all this is making me hungry.  I only had a jello salad and vegetables for lunch..too much breakfast today.  NOW I am hungry!

God Bless!


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