Another busy week…


I can’t believe another week has flown by…time goes fast for those of us living here.  I was busy all week with activities…Tues. Bible Study night…Wed. calling Bingo night…Thurs. playing Mah Jongg night, Friday  Bingo night…Sat,Sun, and Mon, are free evenings. Thank God!

This week we had a memorial service on Friday for our Manager who was killed on Monday…it was a sad service.  He died the day before his 60th birthday.  He had a motorcycle accident.

Today we had a story telling session and the man who spoke told us how he got started…he sent off surveys to all his family and asked questions for them to answer….He had thousands of pics. to put into his books…he has done 3 full blown memory books for his family…he brought them to our class to show us.  His talk was so interesting.   I think he motivated some of them to get started on their memoirs.

Beautiful day here in Vero Beach.  It didn’t rain yet.  I think it passed over.  sunset is lavender/pink.  I still haven’t gotten Frank any new shoes.  His old ones don’t fit him anymore.  We are going to go to two new places on Monday to see if they can fit his feet to their shoes…

Daughter is coming to visit next weekend.  I may have time for another blog next week; we’ll see.  We love to take in a movie or two on the weekends. 

God Bless, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Another busy week…

  1. vcowbfish

    I LOVE your blogs, don’t ever quit! Did you and RonnAnns book get published yet, can’t wait to read it! Let me know where the book signing will take place, lol

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