My Bucket List: Late but not lost yet


At 70 everyone reviews his/her life and the things one didn’t get to do.  I thought I’d share with my readers my late bucket list.  These are items that I wanted from childhood, teenaged years, and adulthood.

1.  Visit England, and rest of British Isles

2.  Write a screenplay that is produced.

3.  Direct a full-length movie.

4.  Live in another country for 6 months or longer.

5.  Be an orchestra conductor.

6.  Change the education system in the United States.

7.  Be a grandmother.

8.  Spend a day shopping and not have to worry about the money.

9.  Paint a canvas that would become famous and expensive to buy.

10. Cure mental illness.

11. Become a “healer” and do the things Jesus did on Earth.

12. Go to heaven.


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