Autumn Leaves…


Hello, all….

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, so I decided to sit and chat for a few minutes before getting back to my reading.  I love to read, I think, more than I love to write…they are a close tie…

I took a photo of some cut-out leaves on one of our walls here at the Isles.  I thought you’d enjoy them, especially if you live in Florida like I do.  I only get to see the foliage when I visit my daughter in Jersey.

The weather is a little cooler here today…tonight we will be in the low 60’s…brrrrr…..

Autumn in Florida is fantastic…much nicer than the heat of summer sun.  The days are in the 70-80’s and perfect.  The sun isn’t as hot, but you can still catch a sunburn if you aren’t careful.

Wishing all of you a nice, pleasant fall….hope you get to catch some fall colors…if not, save these leaves.

God Bless.


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