The Merry Month of May


Just a short note to my readers.  I am being lazy these days.   I apologize…Spent two hours tonight ordering Memory Bench for one of our residents.  I order them and get the plaque engraved for the Residents’ Association for which I am the secretary.

I love doing that, but it took some time tonight because the bench that we buy was not available in 5 ft. size, so I had to find a substitute..only difference was the back…straight across instead of curved…no big deal.  Still a beautiful bench to honor the man’s deceased wife.

Today on Amazon, my Milligan Mayhem novelette is being billed as $0.99 for a few days, so if you haven’t read it yet, now would be  a good time to get it.  It usually costs $2.99..still a great price.

The other book, a memoir by my daughter and me, took us 2 years to write and get it posted on Amazon.  Grace for Gypsy Girls.  You can find both books under my pen name:  Ann Naedele

While in Amazon check out all the other deals.  My books are eBooks for now, not paperback.  Maybe one day!

Well, tomorrow is another day.  Perhaps I will share a few pages from my book with you then.  My husband has 2 dr. appt. so I will be busy all afternoon.

Look for my post after supper time.

Blessings to all.


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