Seven Good Reasons to Home School


my classroom

Homeschooling your child will:

1.  Protect your child from ideas that do not conform to your religious beliefs.

2.  Better monitor how your child is doing in his/her studies on a daily basis.

3.  Give immediate feedback on the work being done.

4.  Allow for individualized instruction.

5.  Provide a quiet environment for studies.

6.  Offer protection from the violence being seen in public schools.

7. Censor new cultural mores that do not follow traditional family values.

The biggest objection to home schooling has been the lack of socialization; however, keeping your family involved in church activities, sporting events, and neighborhood centers will offer this socialization.

As a public school teacher for over 38 years, I have recently opened my mind to home schooling after all the unusual and conflicting ideas on gender identity and sexual rituals.  I feel I would want to protect my child from these new outlooks.


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