Marketing Woes of Author


Just a note tonight about my day of preparing marketing materials to send out about our book promotion: Grace for Gypsy Girls by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele

Yes, that is me..Ann, previous married name.

anyway…I put together a few pieces about the book and would like to share with you if I can figure out how to do it…haha.,.novice at tech. after all these years!

About the book:  This memoir tells the inspiring story about Ann and RonnAnn’s amazing life in spite of overwhelming and devastating circumstances; they could have become victims but chose to be survivors.  Booker T. Washington said it well, “Success is not measured by the position someone has reached in life, but the obstacles he/she has overcome while trying to succeed.”  Their lives read like a paperback novel, full of drama, life-altering illnesses, rape, domestic abuse, loss of jobs, homes, and children as they survived natural disasters.  Once you begin to read the book, you can’t put it down.”

About the Authors:  This mother/daughter duo is a strong representation of women who win in life.  Ann taught school for 38 years, holding down second jobs along the way.  RonnAnn became a doctor which smashes the myth that children of single parents can’t be successful.

What do you think?  Would that description make you want to read the book?  Any suggestions?


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