Flu Strikes the Home front!


Another day being 70.  Today I’m playing Nurse to my sick husband…coming from both ends makes a mess!  Oh, the joys of wife hood.

I’m still not sure how to get people to read this blog, but making them sick isn’t one way, I’m sure.  I’ll have to stop if it hits me like it did him.  I rushed out to pharmacy and stocked up on LYSOL, Pep-to Bismol, and other things.  I even bought some Pediolyte. It helps with dehydration.  (Of course, the pharmacy is just downstairs.)  I didn’t see anyone out and about.  A note was sent around saying that the cases of Noro Virus went from 6 yesterday to 26 today. That’s before Frank came down with it.  I wonder how many more are sick?

My sister Violet (in pic with me) told me to get a mask from the servers.  Next time I see them, I will.  For now I’ll just continue to write a little. I spent two hours trying to upload some pictures to this site using a disk from my camera, but for some reason, the disk never did show on My Computer…so maybe I’ll try again tomorrow to show you some  good pics from where I live in Vero.  It’s nice out today, but a little overcast.  Haven’t had TV on because I’ve been cleaning up poop!  Never thought of this when I married him.  Guess I should have.

This month we will celebrate/contemplate our 10th anniversary.  We were married on a cruise ship.  Wish they would contact us with a free anniversary cruise.  That is the only way we can celebrate big time…no money…I did get a gift card for my 70th birthday for a $50 dinner at one of several places.  We’ll celebrate that way…and I still have a bottle of champagne from our honeymoon for afterwards.

You know, we’re not dead until we’re dead.Image

God Bless.



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