January 2014 winter in Florida


Well I’ve been at the computer all day.  Like all the other “oldies” I have somewhat of a busy schedule that is filled with Dr. appointments (mine and Frank’s), lunch/dinner, computer time, and nap time.  I missed out on the nap, so I am getting punchy.  It is 12:30 am, and I have made my second entry on my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.  I will add some photos from time to time to get your engin’s reved  up.  I spent four days in Daytona and took some grand shots of the band shell and the beach.  For those of you who live in cold parts, I know you’ll want to book a flight as soon as possible.  January has been cold here, too…down to 39 the other night, but then up to 59 the next day.  I prefer the 80’s but will settle for a few cool days now and then to remind me of what I am missing up North…NOT.

Yes, I used to live up there, too…Philly, Baltimore, DC…to name a few of the cities where I’ve lived.  While I still can remember, I went to school in Maryland from third thru twelfth grades. My college years were spent in Tennessee…in the mountains…lots of snow and many days of the beautiful fall colors. I’m writing a book now about those college years in the 60’s.  I hope it will be finished soon so I can share some of it with you.  Those my age will remember the events as if they had happened yesterday.

You younger people will get a kick out of the rules of the college.  One in particular will set you laughing:  we could not stand closer than 6 inches to our boyfriends; no kissing or holding hands in public; if we were caught we received demerits for bad behavior and couldn’t go off campus for a week!

My eyes are closing and my mind is slowly fading so I will sign off for today and will give you more details tomorrow if my schedule isn’t too busy.

God Bless!


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