All Pooped Out!


Wouldn’t you just know it!! After cleaning up fluids from both of us having the flu, now my dogs have it!  Besides that, they have fleas…and they never socialize or go outside…these are strictly lap dogs!!  I think the fleas came in under the door or on our pant legs…don’t know.  I picked two off of Lexie last night.  I can see them on her.  Missy has black hair and black skin, so I can’t find them on her.  

Spent $33 on the “girls” today at Walmart.  Someone gave me a card for Christmas, so I had enough to only pay $8 out of bank money.    So this afternoon will be spent working on the girls, making them pretty and making them smell good!  They’ll love the bath but hate the nail trimming.

I have had enough poop to clean up!  Please…no more sickness in this apartment!  Lysol is almost out!


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