Learn to play Bridge.


While the computer is still running, I’d like to share yesterday’s events with you guys.  I received an email from a long-time best friend from high school and college.  She shared with me that before she retired, she took Bridge lessons!  Should have been me!!

Frank and I did take a lesson or two on our honeymoon cruise, but we didn’t really have anyone to play.  So…yesterday, different women here at the Isles asked me to sit in on a few games:  canasta and pinochle.  I do play both; just learned to play pinochle because Frank likes to play it.  I played canasta with my friend (above) everyday while we were in high school, so I do know how to play that game.  In fact, RonnAnn’s (my daughter) daddy and I played canasta the day before he died 47 years ago…and he won!!

Don’t think I ever taught her how to play.  Haven’t played since until this past week.  

When you get old, there isn’t much to do.  Games are in!  However, the majority of men and women here play Bridge.  There are bridge games going on night and day every day it seems.  I also play SkipBo, my mother and dad’s favorite game, and RummyKube which is a game played with tiles.  My friend Bea is teaching me to play Mahjong, another favorite here at the Isles.

So, my suggestion, if you’re pushing 70, is to go out and learn to play bridge.  That way, you will have plenty of people who will want you to sit in on a game.  It seems I have to wait around a lot and hope someone wants to play.  You wouldn’t like it too much!


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