What’s Fun About Bingo?


BINGO!  There’s power in that little word!  Three times a week I head for the Bingo room to try my hand at winning.  I figured out there is no strategy with playing the game.  You get to pick three cards for a buck, but the caller never calls my numbers…what gives?  Is there some trick to Bingo that I am not aware of?  Are certain numbers better than others?  Is it where I sit?  Is it with whom I sit?  Please if you have an answer, let me know.  It’s not losing a dollar that bothers me, it’s people winning the money!!

Today we had a session called HIGH STAKES BINGO.  The cost was $2 for three cards.  The winnings were much more than usual:  $10-15 each game and $50 for coverall. Two times I had one number left to be called.  Two times I lost!  Come on you Bingo players universal…what’s the catch?

By the way, I am not a gambler.  I just use the game as an outing for pleasure.  

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