June is busting out all over!


Dear readers,

Today has been a bitter-sweet one. Got up this am and had a swollen ankle!  Gout!  It is not full-blown but hurts all the same.  I took my meds and iced it down, but I also had commitments to play games today.  Also today was Bible Study night.

I hobbled on down to meet two friends to play Mah Jongg.  We each one won one game…that looks weird, doesn’t it?  Then I went to lunch and met Frank; we had a nice dinner and then left to play our weekly game of Pinochle with a couple we know.

The girls won a game and the guys won the other two.  Maybe next week we will win two…or maybe three.

I took another hour to restudy Matthew 17 and 18 before heading off to supper.  After supper is Bible Study.  I have 12 or 13 women who come when they can.  They are a joy to me and a blessing.  They love my lessons and have a hunger for the word of God.

We learned two new items tonight.

1.  Jesus had a “rehearsal” of the transfiguration when he ascended into Heaven…didn’t know this…some bibles call it a vision…but it seemed like the real thing.

2.  Jesus didn’t feel like he, the Son of God, had to pay taxes on the Temple…because the tax collectors never taxed their sons…why should he have to pay as the Son of God?  Then he decided not to cause a problem and had his disciple catch a fish and retrieve a coin for the taxes out of the fish’s mouth.

The Bible is an awesome read.  I’ve been teaching it for 30 years now…it is always a wonder and I always learn something new!

Need to close for now….that was another day’s journey in the life of a retired 71 year old…Hope you enjoyed it.



Mahjong, anyone?


Played a new game today called “mahjong.”  It is an old Chinese game that I’ve seen many Jewish women playing. It is played with 144 tiles that have pictures/characters/numbers on them and is similar to playing rummy.  One plays with three other people.

The hard part of the game is knowing what goes with what…example:  bams go with other bams, cracks go with cracks, dots, with dots, and flowers with flowers.  There are also tiles for the four winds, N, S, E, W and green and red dragons.  There are also tiles called soaps…don’t know how to use them yet.

I played three games and only needed one tile when someone went out…with “mahjong.”

I liked the game.  The game board costs $8 and each person has her own.  You try to pick a set of pictures (on the game board)  to match with what you have…I changed patterns after the game started.

If you want to learn a game that a lot of women play, it is bridge.  But the second most played game is mahjong…so watch a game or go online and read about it or play it.  The only way to learn is to play it.

Games are an important part of growing old.  Playing them keeps the mind active and you sociable.

God Bless.

What’s Fun About Bingo?


BINGO!  There’s power in that little word!  Three times a week I head for the Bingo room to try my hand at winning.  I figured out there is no strategy with playing the game.  You get to pick three cards for a buck, but the caller never calls my numbers…what gives?  Is there some trick to Bingo that I am not aware of?  Are certain numbers better than others?  Is it where I sit?  Is it with whom I sit?  Please if you have an answer, let me know.  It’s not losing a dollar that bothers me, it’s people winning the money!!

Today we had a session called HIGH STAKES BINGO.  The cost was $2 for three cards.  The winnings were much more than usual:  $10-15 each game and $50 for coverall. Two times I had one number left to be called.  Two times I lost!  Come on you Bingo players universal…what’s the catch?

By the way, I am not a gambler.  I just use the game as an outing for pleasure.  

God Bless.Image

Learn to play Bridge.


While the computer is still running, I’d like to share yesterday’s events with you guys.  I received an email from a long-time best friend from high school and college.  She shared with me that before she retired, she took Bridge lessons!  Should have been me!!

Frank and I did take a lesson or two on our honeymoon cruise, but we didn’t really have anyone to play.  So…yesterday, different women here at the Isles asked me to sit in on a few games:  canasta and pinochle.  I do play both; just learned to play pinochle because Frank likes to play it.  I played canasta with my friend (above) everyday while we were in high school, so I do know how to play that game.  In fact, RonnAnn’s (my daughter) daddy and I played canasta the day before he died 47 years ago…and he won!!

Don’t think I ever taught her how to play.  Haven’t played since until this past week.  

When you get old, there isn’t much to do.  Games are in!  However, the majority of men and women here play Bridge.  There are bridge games going on night and day every day it seems.  I also play SkipBo, my mother and dad’s favorite game, and RummyKube which is a game played with tiles.  My friend Bea is teaching me to play Mahjong, another favorite here at the Isles.

So, my suggestion, if you’re pushing 70, is to go out and learn to play bridge.  That way, you will have plenty of people who will want you to sit in on a game.  It seems I have to wait around a lot and hope someone wants to play.  You wouldn’t like it too much!