A Word About Money…


Money.  Never really worried about it before, but now that all my cash is tied into my “living”, I understand why “mature” people have trouble buying their meds.  Frank needs an electrical mobile chair.  Insurance pays 80%, but that leaves us having to come up with $700 for co-pay..Ha!  Who has that extra cash?  Not us!

Also, when it comes to these expensive medicines… insurance covers 75% and we pay $45 for the bottle of pills…WOW!  

I think pharmacy will cut back the number of pills so I can get the ones I need.  

Remember, we are not the Poor people…but we are med. POOR.

Anyone have any solutions…


3 thoughts on “A Word About Money…

    • I get my meds from VA for free, but sometimes they are slow to respond and that’s when I spend a fortune for meds…also, my husband’s co-pays are high…thanks for following…

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