Is Life Over at 70?


All of a sudden, or so it seems, I am now old. I’m sure there are still great things to accomplish.  I don’t think “life” is over at 70.  In fact, there are plenty of people who have achieved greatness after 70.

Ben Franklin helped draft the  Declaration of Independence after 70.

Jessica Tandy earned an oscar for Driving Miss Daisy when she was 80.

Vanderbilt began buying railroads after 70.  

Justice Sirica heard the Watergate case after 70.

Piccasso was still producing drawings and engravings at 90.

Noah was asked to build the ark when he was 500 yrs. old and it didn’t rain until he was 600 yrs. old.  He died at 950 yrs. old.

American composer Elliot Carter wrote his first opera at 90 and produced 40 works between then and when he became 100 yrs. old.

I am going to aim for at least two novels in the next year.  I have been writing them for years.

Wouldn’t it be great to achieve greatness at 71?


4 thoughts on “Is Life Over at 70?

  1. Tammy

    I am looking forward to reading your novels. If you can send me the script for the Oak tree story and Willie will finish the drawings for it. By the way I already think you are great.

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