All About heaven


Just returned from a visit to a funeral home in Vero.  My friend Dorothy died this past week , last Tuesday.  She was 92 and very active until Christmas day when she had a heart attack which was followed , over the past month, by four strokes.

Dorothy loved Bible Study…my Bible study.  Every week she would be the first one into the room and the last to leave.  As she left, she would hug and kiss me and thank me for that night’s study.  She made me feel worthwhile…and appreciated.  She was my fist student here at the Isles.  She wanted to learn all about heaven. The title of the study was:   Everything you’ve always wanted to know about heaven.  It took six weeks to find out, but during that time she wanted to accept Jesus as her savior and she wanted to be baptized.  She inspired others to want the same.

At one study, I baptized two women who had never read the Word.  Dorothy was one of them.  She smiled and clapped and was the most joyful person I have ever seen.  She told my husband Frank that she’d never felt so clean.  Isn’t that amazing what Jesus can do for someone in their 90’s?  He doesn’t care how old you are.  He is ready to be there for you whenever you decide.  Tonight while saying my goodbye’s, I told her family that she is definitely in heaven.  She is joyful and probably dancing with Jesus.  I am so glad I was a part of her life and her salvation.  She’ll meet me at the door to heaven one day and this time she’ll teach me all about heaven.

God Bless.


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