Do you know where you’re going?


Another sad day.  A good friend and game-player died last night.  She had a terrific life.  She lived to be 88 like my mother.  We had a lot in common.  She knew she was dying…we all know that…but it never quite sinks in until a friend dies.  She asked me a month or so ago, “Will I know people in heaven?”

I told her that people do know each other in heaven, but the relationships are different.  Our husbands won’t be our husbands, etc., but we will know he is a loved one that we knew on Earth.

I know she’s in a better place.  She suffered and was alone here.  But she always had a smile and always wanted to challenge me in a game.  Most of the time she won.  She liked to win.

Now she has won the crown that God promises those who endure.  She has run the race. She will weep no more and have no pain.  She’ll be clothed in white garments and she’ll be beautiful.

Saying goodbye to two friends in one week is difficult, but the aftermath is joyful because they are both dancing on the streets of gold.  I’ll be there one day.  Will you?  Do you know where you’re going?  Are you sure?


One thought on “Do you know where you’re going?

  1. I kinda feel the same, but about young people. In the last few years or so, 2 of my childhood friends I have known for years, just suddenly died! We believe it was natural causes. One of them is Tiffany Kain, who died in her home where people she trusted betrayed her. Now, they are in heaven, safe and sound, with Jesus.

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