Do You know if you are going to heaven?


Don gave us $150 to pay for the appreciation party last Monday.  The pizza is ordered; the drinks are cooling in the frig.  We have the menu planned, and we have door prizes to give away.  Everyone will have a nice time.  We even had fancy appreciation/thank you certificates made.  The tables were set up today and table cloths cover them.  The party is Tuesday at 11:30 am.  Today is Monday.

Don took his motorcycle out this morning.  He never made it back.  He was killed in a freak accident; he lost control of the bike.

Don was our lead manager at the Isles.  He wanted to show appreciation for those who volunteer right along side the managers, doing little things to make other residents happy and comfortable.  Thank you, Don, for caring.

We pray for you family and their loss.  We will honor you tomorrow at the party you planned.

Death is never planned.  It comes unexpectedly most of the time. I always hope the deceased knew the Lord.  Are you going to heaven?  How do you know?  There is only one way to get there:  Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved…for eternity…in heaven…with the angels and the saints…and the Lord.  It says so in the Bible:  John 3:16 and other verses.

God Bless.


The Rose


It’s just a picture of a rose, but it has so much meaning.  This rose reminds me of a friend named Anne who lived in a coach house in Baltimore.  She grew roses by the hundreds in the front of her quaint little home on Bolton Hill.  There was a gated wrought iron fence around her property that highlighted the beauty of the rose bushes. People would always stop as they passed her home.  Sometimes someone would open the iron gate and sit awhile on her porch while she served lemonade.  Anne was a quiet soul who suffered in silence.  She was a powerhouse at the office, often walking to and from work past the resting place of Edgar Allan Poe.  She worked tirelessly while she put her husband through law school and had his two children to adore him.  After he became important, she lost him to a friend; her children became rebellious, and she never sat on the porch again.  One night she had a glass of wine and a sleeping pill.  The roses died that year and I never saw her again. I know she has a rose garden in Heaven, a porch to sit on, and a cold pitcher of lemonade ready for visitors.

My Mother, My Friend


My Mother, My Friend

This is a photo of my mother about 8 years ago. She used to come to the campus with me once a week and file. She is putting new tests in my testing manual. Mother loved to keep busy and she was until the last three years of her life. She was a classy lady with lots of talents like writing poetry, organizing events at church, and of course her job at Savings Bonds Division of the Treasury. She used to travel all over the US and teach payroll clerks how to do Savings Bonds deductions. I miss her. She died of Alzheimer’s, a cruel disease of the mind.

Do you know where you’re going?


Another sad day.  A good friend and game-player died last night.  She had a terrific life.  She lived to be 88 like my mother.  We had a lot in common.  She knew she was dying…we all know that…but it never quite sinks in until a friend dies.  She asked me a month or so ago, “Will I know people in heaven?”

I told her that people do know each other in heaven, but the relationships are different.  Our husbands won’t be our husbands, etc., but we will know he is a loved one that we knew on Earth.

I know she’s in a better place.  She suffered and was alone here.  But she always had a smile and always wanted to challenge me in a game.  Most of the time she won.  She liked to win.

Now she has won the crown that God promises those who endure.  She has run the race. She will weep no more and have no pain.  She’ll be clothed in white garments and she’ll be beautiful.

Saying goodbye to two friends in one week is difficult, but the aftermath is joyful because they are both dancing on the streets of gold.  I’ll be there one day.  Will you?  Do you know where you’re going?  Are you sure?

It’s February!


Today is Saturday, Feb. 1, 2014.  I’m one month and one day over 70. Today, I feel fine.  No one asked me to play cards tonight so I am in for duration.  I am playing word games and reading; I will stay busy.

Tomorrow is Sunday!  It will be breakfast , church, lunch, and canasta.  Ate supper tonight with a new resident named Harry (96); he’s very sharp and very smart.  He taught languages in school:  English, French, Italian, and others.  HIs wife, now deceased, was a concert pianist.  He is very nice and easy to talk with.  We had a great time at dinner.

My friend Bea has given up on chemotherapy.  She has called in Hospice to help.  God has given her miracles in the past, so perhaps it’s not her turn to leave us.  Her doctors refer to her as the “miracle woman.”  They thought she only had 3 months to live and she’s been here 10 months. She is Greek and we have become friends.  I took her to many of her chemo sessions down in Jupiter.  she picked up a virus and has not been the same.  She’s very weak.  Please pray for recovery or a quick road to Heaven.  Either way is fine with her.  Thanks!