Follow the Light


When I was in the tenth grade back in 1960, I had a near-death experience.  This is way before hearing anything like this on radio or TV.  I had asthma as a child and still was experiencing a few attacks in high school.  One night after everyone had gone to bed, I began having an attack.  I propped myself up on pillows to get my breath, but I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable. I used my inhaler, but it didn’t help.

All of a sudden, I was hovering over a bed.  I was up near the ceiling and looking down at this girl in the bed.  I didn’t know it was me.  At the foot of the bed there was a window, and a bright light was shining in the window.  I talked to the light and he talked back to me.  I did this without using my mouth…sort of brain to light….

The light said, “you may stay, or you may come with me.”  At that moment, I knew the girl in the bed was me.  I panicked.  I wanted to stay.  I went back into my body, and the light left.  

I begin to shake and cry for Mother.  She came in, but I couldn’t tell her what happened.  I stopped wheezing.  She rubbed my back for a little while and went back to her room.

I will never forget that incident!  When people started telling about their experiences with the light and the tunnel…I recalled my visit with the light.  That light was Jesus.  I think I died for a minute or two before my time.  He gave me the choice to stay or go.  I’m glad I stayed because I have learned so much more about life, about death, about heaven, and about God.

I can help those who are afraid of dying because I know there is more.  That one incident has been followed by more close encounters with God.  If you stay up to date with my blogs, I may share a few more with you.

God Bless. 


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