June is busting out all over!


Dear readers,

Today has been a bitter-sweet one. Got up this am and had a swollen ankle!  Gout!  It is not full-blown but hurts all the same.  I took my meds and iced it down, but I also had commitments to play games today.  Also today was Bible Study night.

I hobbled on down to meet two friends to play Mah Jongg.  We each one won one game…that looks weird, doesn’t it?  Then I went to lunch and met Frank; we had a nice dinner and then left to play our weekly game of Pinochle with a couple we know.

The girls won a game and the guys won the other two.  Maybe next week we will win two…or maybe three.

I took another hour to restudy Matthew 17 and 18 before heading off to supper.  After supper is Bible Study.  I have 12 or 13 women who come when they can.  They are a joy to me and a blessing.  They love my lessons and have a hunger for the word of God.

We learned two new items tonight.

1.  Jesus had a “rehearsal” of the transfiguration when he ascended into Heaven…didn’t know this…some bibles call it a vision…but it seemed like the real thing.

2.  Jesus didn’t feel like he, the Son of God, had to pay taxes on the Temple…because the tax collectors never taxed their sons…why should he have to pay as the Son of God?  Then he decided not to cause a problem and had his disciple catch a fish and retrieve a coin for the taxes out of the fish’s mouth.

The Bible is an awesome read.  I’ve been teaching it for 30 years now…it is always a wonder and I always learn something new!

Need to close for now….that was another day’s journey in the life of a retired 71 year old…Hope you enjoyed it.


Follow the Light


When I was in the tenth grade back in 1960, I had a near-death experience.  This is way before hearing anything like this on radio or TV.  I had asthma as a child and still was experiencing a few attacks in high school.  One night after everyone had gone to bed, I began having an attack.  I propped myself up on pillows to get my breath, but I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable. I used my inhaler, but it didn’t help.

All of a sudden, I was hovering over a bed.  I was up near the ceiling and looking down at this girl in the bed.  I didn’t know it was me.  At the foot of the bed there was a window, and a bright light was shining in the window.  I talked to the light and he talked back to me.  I did this without using my mouth…sort of brain to light….

The light said, “you may stay, or you may come with me.”  At that moment, I knew the girl in the bed was me.  I panicked.  I wanted to stay.  I went back into my body, and the light left.  

I begin to shake and cry for Mother.  She came in, but I couldn’t tell her what happened.  I stopped wheezing.  She rubbed my back for a little while and went back to her room.

I will never forget that incident!  When people started telling about their experiences with the light and the tunnel…I recalled my visit with the light.  That light was Jesus.  I think I died for a minute or two before my time.  He gave me the choice to stay or go.  I’m glad I stayed because I have learned so much more about life, about death, about heaven, and about God.

I can help those who are afraid of dying because I know there is more.  That one incident has been followed by more close encounters with God.  If you stay up to date with my blogs, I may share a few more with you.

God Bless.