Catch-up and one more question


Ahhh….I have my Internet Connection back!  I’m getting to be a real tech-pro with all these things going wrong with my computer. I really need a new one, but this will have to last as long as it can.   My computer crashes at least once a week and when that happens I lose my IP address…that in turn keeps me from the Internet, which I need in order to fix the problem…so complicated, isn’t it?

I’ve been lost for words lately because I am finishing up two books.  I think I will find my words next week, or maybe not…not until I find a publisher…haha…

It’s been difficult with no computer hookup.  The Isles does have one computer to share, but many times it is being used.  I really can’t do much searching, note taking, etc. on that computer.  

Thanks to those who responded to my question about angels.  My class is tonight and i will share with them.  

I do have another question about angels.  The Catholic Church recognizes many named angels.  From where do they get their information/source?  I only see several in the Bible.

Well, that’s all for now.  I need to rest my neck for a while…I have stenosis…and need to ice down for a few min. before supper.

God bless!Image


2 thoughts on “Catch-up and one more question

  1. RonnAnn

    I’m glad to see you are back up again on the Internet. I still need to know how much memory you have currently on your computer. We can replace the CPU.

    • My C: drive has 74.5 GB and so does my D: drive…I have only used maybe 15 GB on each drive…so I have a lot left to go…I think what I need is the new program Microsoft 8.1…I don’t know…I just know I have a hard time getting things to work properly…still no sound…did everything I could…

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