Old and disposable…


Yes, some things get old and all you can do is throw them away!  Makes me think about being disposable myself.  My printer bit the dust after 10 years of service…mmmm.. in dog years that makes it 70 yrs. old, same as I.

These days you don’t even have to leave the house; just get online and look for printers.  Found one that was $69…great!  Hope it lasts 10 yrs. but don’t hold  your breath.

It took me quite a while to install it.  I didn’t go to bed until midnight!  So…I guess that was about a 3 hr. job…compounded by the software repeating all the steps several times.  Finally I just turned off the computer, rebooted it, and everything worked fine.  So happy to have it.  I use it all the time.

Next time something breaks, make sure you check it out on google.com first.  If it can be fixed, you’ll find the solution there.  If not, just chuck it!  

Today is busy.  Have to play “high stakes Bingo”  jackpot $50.00.  Then bowling on wifi…last week I made three 200 scores!  Wow!  Second highest score at the Isles!  Wish me blessings!

God Bless.


Catch-up and one more question


Ahhh….I have my Internet Connection back!  I’m getting to be a real tech-pro with all these things going wrong with my computer. I really need a new one, but this will have to last as long as it can.   My computer crashes at least once a week and when that happens I lose my IP address…that in turn keeps me from the Internet, which I need in order to fix the problem…so complicated, isn’t it?

I’ve been lost for words lately because I am finishing up two books.  I think I will find my words next week, or maybe not…not until I find a publisher…haha…

It’s been difficult with no computer hookup.  The Isles does have one computer to share, but many times it is being used.  I really can’t do much searching, note taking, etc. on that computer.  

Thanks to those who responded to my question about angels.  My class is tonight and i will share with them.  

I do have another question about angels.  The Catholic Church recognizes many named angels.  From where do they get their information/source?  I only see several in the Bible.

Well, that’s all for now.  I need to rest my neck for a while…I have stenosis…and need to ice down for a few min. before supper.

God bless!Image