For the Love of a Dog…


For the Love of a Dog...

If you know someone who lives alone or feels lonely all the time, suggest getting a dog or cat as a companion. I love both. Dogs are so loving, especially small dogs…but I am in love with my two chihuahuas. LOL! These two keep me laughing. I love their personalities and how they jocking for my attention. The smallest on left is Lexie. She used to be my nephew’s dog, but now she belongs to me. Missy came from Georgia, but now is a true Florida-girl! They both bury themselves in blankets. The little “talks” to me. Missy never talks, but obeys as if she knows exactly what I am saying to her. They both have stolen my heart! They are so easy to take care of. People who have no pets just don’t know what they are missing! Love, Love, Love…I give it to them and they give it to me. It’s a great partnership!


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