The “Rock” of Ages at Sedona


Photo was taken in Sedona, AZ at the foot of a church built into the red rocks. The sight (site) is magical! Hope you enjoy the photo and think of the Lord. He is always the solid rock…the one who is faithful and ever-present. “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind; the God of angel armies is always by my side.” I love that song and the lyrics…Do you?


Palm Trees in Heaven


Palm Trees in Heaven

According to Revelation (Bible), angels and saints will be waving palm fronds while they worship the Lord. That means there will be palm trees in heaven. The next time you look at one, think about how grand one will look in heaven. I hope there will be a sandy beach along the river of life for me to relax on. How about you? What would you like to have in heaven?

Seventy Year Old Seagull…


Seventy Year Old Seagull...

Yep…I feel like that lone seagull standing watch on the dock. She’s not as old as I, but she probably knows how I feel. Don’t know how seventy is supposed to feel; I don’t have any seventy year old friends. All my friends are still in their own homes…still having company…family all around them..grandchildren to love on. I’m just like that single solitary seagull standing on the wall. The flock has left; no family left; quietness at night. She looks around and wonders where it all went? Late at night is the worst. My mind can’t stop; sleep can’t come; alone time to ponder my future. I’d rather be sitting on the dock of the bay like that seagull.

My Frankie at Grand Canyon


My Frankie at Grand Canyon

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there and to my husband who fathered two boys. It isn’t easy being a father, but Frankie was an active father, always at games, practices, etc. It’s good to see father and son interaction especially with adult children and old dad…they help him to the car, close the door for him, and even pay for dinner! Hope all the guys had a special day like Frankie did.

Fragile as Clay Pots!!


Fragile as Clay Pots!!

We are fragile as clay pots! Being 70 isn’t easy. Frank is in heart failure, I have bouts with gout, and both of us have high blood pressure along with high sugar. This means we spend half our time running to doctor appointments and then try to fit in times for games. Today, I attempted to play mah-jongg with some friends, but found out there was a special program in the room where we play. We moved on to another room, but then had to move because there was exercise class in there at 11 am. Got in two games, but no one won. It was distracting to have to move. Frank and I both spent an hour in an appointment this week and have to go back again in two weeks. Word to the wise: get in shape in your sixties so you can endure all the failings that happen with your body in your seventies…haha. Never thought I’d get gout, but I suppose it is inherited from my father. I inherited type II Diabetes from mother. Someone in the family predisposed us all to spinal stenosis…a real bear! Can hardly stand for longer than 10 minutes…too much pain.
another medical issue evolves around FOOD…why do you think God lets us fall apart when we eat certain foods…It’s the pits having to delete foods from the diet that cause high sugar and others that cause gout!! I could write a book!! Did you know that gout can be caused by eating too much purine that is found in certain foods? for some reason the body doesn’t process the way it should…shell fish, oily fish, spinach, oatmeal, asparagus, cauliflower, mushrooms, and beans of all kinds can set off an attack…and that is not all…there are many meats, especially organ meats, that also are bad. the biggy is BEER…which I do not drink anyway! Then add all the foods that have starch/sugars to my list and that leaves me with very little choice.
It’s the pits being seventy. Growing old is supposed to be a blessing from God, but I guestion that statement. If we could just grow old and not have all the aches and pains and restrictions on everything we eat, then old age could be nice…but it isn’t. Things that I loved to do are not possible anymore. The old bode wants rest.
Good luck with your own “clay pot.” Take care of it or it will break.
God Bless.

For the Love of a Dog…


For the Love of a Dog...

If you know someone who lives alone or feels lonely all the time, suggest getting a dog or cat as a companion. I love both. Dogs are so loving, especially small dogs…but I am in love with my two chihuahuas. LOL! These two keep me laughing. I love their personalities and how they jocking for my attention. The smallest on left is Lexie. She used to be my nephew’s dog, but now she belongs to me. Missy came from Georgia, but now is a true Florida-girl! They both bury themselves in blankets. The little “talks” to me. Missy never talks, but obeys as if she knows exactly what I am saying to her. They both have stolen my heart! They are so easy to take care of. People who have no pets just don’t know what they are missing! Love, Love, Love…I give it to them and they give it to me. It’s a great partnership!

Red Sails in the Sunset


Red Sails in the Sunset

I took this photo a few years ago in the Keys. I used to sing Red Sails in the Sunset with my mother when I was young. When I saw what the sun did to the sails on this sloop, I then understood the song! The sails were white until that setting sun hit them just right! I caught this photo at just the right moment. Enjoy.