Stories about Students


I’m going to share with you some real stories about students I have taught over the years.  Some may seem unbelievable to you, but I am telling the truth.  I taught high school for 38 years and have been amazed at the lives of these teen.  The year nor the name will be used to protect myself and the student.

I welcomed the unusual student to the classroom and noticed his accent and strange hair. I asked him his nationality and he told me.  He had enrolled in my Creative Writing course.  For the first week I received the normal amount of work from him and all was well.

One assignment asked for a descriptive scene that could be used in a movie or on the stage.  He wrote three pages.  The scene was a local mall.  The main character was dressed in combat boots and was armed with several weapons (guns and knives).

He described walking through the mall and shooting any black person that he saw.  It was a chilling massacre of innocent people. He commented about the shops and where he would find most of his victims.

I gave the paper to my superior.  She in turn gave it to her boss who called in the police.  The student and his father were called in and questioned. At the end of the day, the student was expelled from campus, forbidden to be seen in the mall, and the police notified the mall with his photo.

I never saw him again.  I hope we prevented his plan.  He may have moved to another town.

Tomorrow I will give you a story of a beautiful young girl and her life after her mother died.

All in a day’s work in high school.

Blessings All.


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