Something to Motivate You Today


Hi, readers…I need your help with something else.  Please take a look at these excerpts…if you like, then buy eBook and review it for me…it will increase the likelihood that others will read it.

I wanted to add an excerpt from each of my books so you will know if you want to read it or not.

Milligan Mayhem by Ann Naedele (penname) only on

Pardee Hall sits smack dab in the middle of campus, a grand old lady with Greek columns which turn sky-blue pink in the sunset each evening. Staircases on both sides of the front portico give the dorm a romantic Southern mansion look.  Today they’re snow-covered, and the giant firs surrounding the dorm are heavy-laden, a sure cover shot for “Southern Living.”

Grace for Gypsy Girls by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele only on

One night I was having a horrible asthma attack.  I hurt so badly from trying to get breath to my lungs that I had propped myself with pillows, and sat up to sleep.  Suddenly, I became a spirit hovering over my body.  I remember saying to myself, “Poor girl.  she looks like she is in so much pain.”  There was a bright light at the window which was at the foot of the bed.  I knew it was Jesus, but I couldn’t see him.  He spoke to me, mind to mind, not out loud.  He said, “You may come with me, or you may stay.”

I hope you enjoyed these short sections.  Please buy my books and make sure you do a review for Amazon.  They are only $2.99 each and can be read on computer or Kindle.



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