Student Stories #3


This is the third story in a series I am doing for my readers.

She was a tiny bit of a girl.  I guess she was 16 yrs. old.  Sometimes she would hang around after class and help me put up books, clean up trash, and put away the coffee pot.

One day I asked her about her life, and she told me this wild story!  I am sure it was true.  She stayed in my classes until she completed her high school diploma.

It seems this young lady’s mother gave her permission to let her boyfriend spend the night with her.  This went on for over a year. Remember she was probably 15 at the time.  She did not tell me how old the boyfriend was.

Anyway, back to Mama.  Apparently her mother took a liking for the boy, too, and became pregnant with his child.  The daughter asked her mother about her pregnancy and was told that the boyfriend was now her lover!  The boy moved into the Mother’s room until the baby was born.

When the baby came, the Mother told the daughter to take care of the child and pretend it was hers.  Everyone was told that she had had the baby.  In fact it was her baby sister.

This student was still living with her mother and the lover, but she was the child’s mother.  She came to school three days a week and the “lover” watched the child while she finished her high school diploma.  Once she graduated, I never heard from her again.

I only hope this young lady would consider this arrangement bizarre and move out with the child. She, too, was emancipated from her family and was on her own.

Parents can be detrimental to the “mental” health of their children.

Blessings, readers.


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