Student Stories #4


One year I was teaching history instead of English.  The classes were full!  My first class began at 8 am.  I would rush in the door just at the right time!  All the students would be in their places by this time.

On my desk was a hand-drawn picture of Satan.  It was a really good drawing, but the subject was terrifying.  I would stick the picture in my desk each day.  The next day there would be another picture of Satan.  This went on for a week.

Finally, I got to class early one morning and the only student in the room had put the picture on my desk.  Since no one else was in the room, I took the picture over to this young man and asked him if he had drawn this very detailed picture.  I praised his artistic ability and told him he could draw for me anytime…but I never wanted to see another satanic image on my desk, Please….

About a week later, he came in and walked up to me to tell me something.  Around his neck was a beautiful crystal stone!  Without thinking anything about it, I touched the crystal and told him how gorgeous it was.

He screamed!  A loud scream!  He chastised me for touching the stone and told me it would have to be blessed again.  I had ruined the spell.  Well, I stepped back and apologized. He told me the high priest had blessed it.

I was told by another student who saw the incident (heard the scream)  that my student was in a satanic church.  Crystals were sacred and blessed.This was to be my first encounter with someone who worshipped Satan.

The next day, the student did not come to class.  In fact, I never saw him again. My touching of the crystal really shook him and quite possibly got him into a lot of trouble.  I can hope that he finally found a better object of worship.

It was also a shame that his artistic abilities were being used for Satan. There were other students over the years who were also into satanic rituals, etc.  I will share one or two with you later.

Blessings, readers.


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