Christmas Is Coming!


Are you running around not remembering what you are doing?  Well, join the rest of us oldies for the Christmas rush!  I have been wrapping presents, storing items away for later, pulling out decorations from 3 storage units (in building), and making all kinds of jewelry items.

My living room is full of 3-way poster boards decorated for one of my jewelry sales coming up after  Thanksgiving.  That means it is time to put away my crafts until Jan.

Once I get out the decorations and get rid of all my crafting supplies, I will begin to decorate on Thanksgiving Day after the parade.  That parade is on EVERY year, but I still act like a kid when I watch the Rockettes!  I look forward to hearing the bands and watching for high school bands from the schools where I taught.

Last minute jewelry decisions need to be made this weekend.  Of course, whatever I don’t sell at the two craft days I have planned will be available as gifts for my local friends.  I still have to mail everything, too.  I’ve already wrapped all gifts for the family so that is finalized.

The one other high  priority that has me in a tizzy, is completion of books I am revising or uploading as final copy  before publication. I was up until 4 am this morning on Create Space where I publish my books.

This week I published Heaven’s River, a lap book by me (Ann Palmieri).  It is a child’s book that explains heaven in ways youngsters can comprehend.  It is to be used for children who experience a loss.  It’s a unique way to handle death. You can buy it on

Last night I uploaded my latest mystery for teens and young adults.  The setting is East Tennessee in the 1960’s as the author spins a story about her college life at the time.

I had a glitch and lost all the descriptions that I had input.  Can’t believe I have to do it again.  I am fading fast, however, since I only had 3 hours of sleep last night.  I’ll sign off for now and get back  with you after I put out some fires.

Be blessed!


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