Writer’s Woes


Just a word or two today about the difficulty of publishing a book.  In the first place, I wanted to go the regular route of getting an agent and then having the agent present my proposal for a book to several publishing houses; hopefully, one would choose to publish me.

Guess what?  I tried to get an agent and RonnAnn tried also.  No luck.  I have sent an inquiry or two to a publisher, but no luck there either.  So..I had no other recourse but to self-publish.  Little did I know the heart ache and hand ache that this would bring me.  I have arthritis in my hands, neck, and back; I wrote the book and now have to spend more hours online to get the book published?

Yes.  I chose Create Space, a publishing part of Amazon.  It is not hard to do; however, it takes a long time to get to the finish line.  Every time I make a correction, the entire book has to be re-viewed.  This past week, I have worked on three of my books at the same time.

Heaven’s River was published.  Pop-Tops and Smiley Faces was reviewed and 1 copy sent to me for approval.  I received the book, made changes and a page added; now I have to wait until they approve it before I can review it again.  I made an addition to Grace for Gypsy Girls:  A Survival Memoir; I haven’t received the finished copy yet to go over it and approve it.  This may take another week.  When all is said and done, at least I did the work.  I am not good at marketing my work, but I have taken a class or two and at least know more than I did.  I will unload some things for you when I figure out how to do that.

Hope you had some turkey and pie today.



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