When a Sister dies…


When you are in your seventies, all kinds of tragedies happen, including the death of friends and family.  Two weeks ago I sat with my sister as she died from COPD, a horrible disease that not only leaves one breathless but also panicky and depressed.

Violet went to heaven to join other family members, including her son Justin who died when he was 23.  One never expects a sister or a child to die.  She never really recovered from his death, and had a ailment called Broken Heart syndrome. She learned that when she had a heart attack; previously she had experienced a TI, pre-stroke marker.

After those two events she had to have part of her colon removed because of diverticulitis attacks.  Then she broke her foot.  She had end stage COPD and was on oxygen as needed.  With that, she had major panic attacks.  She was troubled with fear of not breathing, which I identify with because I have asthma.  I am glad she let me come and assist her on these occasions.  We could reconnect as sisters who had had similar experiences in life.

All this drama at my age is not good for the soul…or wait…maybe it is.  At least I know what to expect when I get ready to pass into eternity.  I was with my father, my first husband, my mother, my last husband, and now my sister as they died.  It does help me understand that our bodies just give out on us, even when we want to hang around earth a little longer.  My faith is what gets me through these trying events of life.  I know that I will meet up with these loved ones again when I see heaven’s gates.

So, for those of you in my age range…70+…don’t run from the perils of life; being there is love to others and a salve for your soul. There’s nothing frightening about dying.  It is only one more event in our lives.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give you peace and comfort.  He is always waiting to help you.

God Bless.


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