Five Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School


I taught in public education for over 38 years and have dealt with all kinds of students and parents.  In this blog, I want to share some ideas with you that will help your child succeed in school.

  1.  Always be interested in what your child has done in school.  Look over any papers brought home, any grades written on the papers, etc.  This single ACT of interest will create a bond between you and the child.  Do not criticize the work.  Just acknowledge the work was done and received a grade or a star, etc.  Many of my students have said, “Why try to get better grades!  My parents don’t even look at my work.!”
  2.  Show up at school meetings, introductions, etc.  This shows the teacher that YOU really are concerned In the student’s welfare. It also reassures the child that you ARE interested.
  3. Make a chart (make it attractive) and hang it in child’s room. Every time the child makes a grade better than the last, put it on the chart and add some sticker or star to show it off.  Let the child have pride in doing better…Don’t expect A’s right away, either.  Give the child PRAISE.
  4. Get down on your child’s level.  For elementary school aged children, sit down on the floor with them.  Don’t hover above them.  Older children need you  to sit beside them as you talk and look at their work.  If you had a particular issue in school, tell the child in order to communicate your feelings.  However, don’t let them get discouraged by your failure…tell them it got better!
  5.   Take a determined interest in helping your child LIKE the education process.  Talk about the teacher and the classroom.  Is the child afraid of something? Is he/she being embarrassed by something?  Does your child have an undiagnosed learning disability?  I want you to make sure your child CAN learn.  It may not be as fast as the others, but most children, given enough time and attention can LEARN.  In today’s world, the biggest problem is HOW your child learns.  Perhaps he/she has a reading disability or a hearing disability. Maybe your child cannot see clearly or sits back too far from the teacher and the board.  This is your time to PLAY detective.  Find out with the teacher’s help HOW you can help.

In future blogs, I will be adding some other suggestions.  If you have a question for me, just leave a comment.

God Bless!


My two children


My two children

Mother’s Day is special to me. It gives me a chance to review my life and what affect it has had on others, especially my children. Aren’t they handsome? Both are very brilliant, kind, loving, creative, musical, and successful. My one regret is that they did not grow up together. They never experienced the bond they should have had between them. Sometimes I wish I could go back and make different decisions, but then I think that God had it all under control anyway. I am a blessed mother.