Escalators Are Dangerous!


I just watched a video that reminded me of an incident that all people need to know, whether or not your are 7 or 70.  Two years ago Frank and I went to a concert in Orlando and stayed at a very nice hotel.  About 5 minutes before the program was over we left because Frank has problems walking and didn’t want to be in the way when people were hurrying home.  We were staying at the hotel that was linked to the program venue, so we proceeded to the escalator that would take us to our hotel.

We had looked for an elevator to go down on the way to the program, but two different ones did not take us to the right area of the hotel.  We kept walking until we spotted the escalator to take us down.  There was no problem.

However, on the way up the escalator, Frank’s shoestring/shoe caught in the escalator.  He yelled at me that he couldn’t move his foot and I walked up close to him to hold him up.  He couldn’t lift his foot, so I told him if he felt like he was falling to just sit down.  While I was holding him with one hand and holding the railing with the other, I find myself falling backward.  I don’t know why this happened, but Frank thinks he was because someone shut off the stairs…I know it wasn’t that because when I fell backward, I flipped over two times and only stopped when the stairs quit moving.

While I was falling, I felt as if someone had wrapped me in a large quilt   I did two back flips and never felt a thing.  I even hit my head on the side of the stairs, but never felt it until I got up.  When the escalator stopped, people came running to help.  I was at the bottom of the escalator and Frank was at the top.  I could see that he was down but couldn’t see if he was hurt.  I lay very still until I felt I could move and then stood up.  I had no shoes on at that point.  I picked them up as I walked down the last two steps.  There was a couch at the bottom and I wobbled my way over to it.  I could hear the sirens coming.  Someone from the hotel came to see if I was okay and someone else was helping Frank.  I yelled at him and he said he was okay.

The paramedics arrived and started asking questions and looking us over. Frank had blood all over him and they were wiping his legs off.  I could see that he had really been hurt a lot worse than I.  He also needed someone to find his shoes.  I lost my sunglasses, my purse and some things out of my purse.  The staff at the hotel picked up all my things and had them locked in my room so they would be there when I got back from the emergency room.

We were both taken to the er by an ambulance.  We had to have a tetanus shot and I had to have a CT scan to make sure I had no brain damage.  Frank had x-rays of his legs.  I took pictures of his markings.  He had them on his face, his throat, his arms, and his legs.  ( I will try to find a photo to attach to this blog.)

After hours in the er, we finally got a cab to take us back to our hotel.  We hit the bed with exhaustion!!  We had to followup with our doctors that next Monday and both of them said the same thing, “It’s a wonder you lived!”  

I have severe back and neck problems (not from that fall), and I know that God’s angels were there that night to shield us from death.  I know that the quilt around me were angel wings.  God protects Frank a lot, too.  Frank is a very big and heavy man, and it was a miracle he had no broken bones from the incident.  

I told you I would share other God encounters with you and this is surely one of them.Image

God Bless! 

God’s Purpose in My Life


Hi, readers.  Tonight is Tuesday…Bible Study night, remember?  I think on Tuesday I will blog a little about God’s ways with me.

I’ve had many encounters with God…some obscure and some pretty close…I always meet Him in my Bible Study classes.

Tonight was no different. The group decided to read and study the Book of James.  It is one of my favorites, if there is such a thing.  I love God’s word.  IT is very clear and gives instruction, inspiration, and encouragement.

We only completed 18 verses of Chapter one.  I had put together some questions for them to answer as we read together.  I read the entire book to them last Tuesday.  This week I read the questions and then we reread those verses 1-18.  My ladies enjoyed the read and enjoyed the lessons we learned and talked about.

Chapter one is all about perseverance. James, the brother of Jesus, wrote the book to teach us how to live our Christian lives.  He points out to us that life can be full of trials and temptations.  The trials lead us to a mature life in Christ, but the temptations which come from Satan lead us to sin and therefore death.

While we talked of temptations, I recalled a time in high school when I went to a convention in New York City.  I was supposed to be in a training session, but the girls I was with wanted to go shopping instead.  We did.  I was a little hesitant about skipping the meeting, but I went anyway. While shopping, the other girls decided to shop lift one item each from the store we were in.  I left in a hurry, hoping they wouldn’t hate me for being a coward.  I was a coward.  i could see my mom coming to get me out of jail!  That thought was enough to deter me.

I mentioned that when I was teaching high school that my students were tempted all the time.  Most of the time, they went with the temptation.  I asked them once, what makes a moral child…they did not know what “moral” meant.  I told them that knowing the difference between right and wrong and going with the “right” was moral.  Then my students began to really lay one on their parents.  “You can’t have moral children if the parents have no morals.”  

I was shocked to hear them speak that way.  I asked the students to write up an essay about how they would raise a moral child.  Boy, did I get an ear-full.  They spoke very bluntly about discipline.  They wouldn’t do the same as their parents.  They would punish their child by taking away the TV, the computer, the music, and anything else pleasurable.  In other words, the teen of today does know right from wrong because somewhere along the way, they had learned that their parents were making mistakes by not giving them  discipline when they needed it.  

Isn’t it pleasant to hear that maybe the next generation will do right by their children?

God Bless.