Escalators Are Dangerous!


I just watched a video that reminded me of an incident that all people need to know, whether or not your are 7 or 70.  Two years ago Frank and I went to a concert in Orlando and stayed at a very nice hotel.  About 5 minutes before the program was over we left because Frank has problems walking and didn’t want to be in the way when people were hurrying home.  We were staying at the hotel that was linked to the program venue, so we proceeded to the escalator that would take us to our hotel.

We had looked for an elevator to go down on the way to the program, but two different ones did not take us to the right area of the hotel.  We kept walking until we spotted the escalator to take us down.  There was no problem.

However, on the way up the escalator, Frank’s shoestring/shoe caught in the escalator.  He yelled at me that he couldn’t move his foot and I walked up close to him to hold him up.  He couldn’t lift his foot, so I told him if he felt like he was falling to just sit down.  While I was holding him with one hand and holding the railing with the other, I find myself falling backward.  I don’t know why this happened, but Frank thinks he was because someone shut off the stairs…I know it wasn’t that because when I fell backward, I flipped over two times and only stopped when the stairs quit moving.

While I was falling, I felt as if someone had wrapped me in a large quilt   I did two back flips and never felt a thing.  I even hit my head on the side of the stairs, but never felt it until I got up.  When the escalator stopped, people came running to help.  I was at the bottom of the escalator and Frank was at the top.  I could see that he was down but couldn’t see if he was hurt.  I lay very still until I felt I could move and then stood up.  I had no shoes on at that point.  I picked them up as I walked down the last two steps.  There was a couch at the bottom and I wobbled my way over to it.  I could hear the sirens coming.  Someone from the hotel came to see if I was okay and someone else was helping Frank.  I yelled at him and he said he was okay.

The paramedics arrived and started asking questions and looking us over. Frank had blood all over him and they were wiping his legs off.  I could see that he had really been hurt a lot worse than I.  He also needed someone to find his shoes.  I lost my sunglasses, my purse and some things out of my purse.  The staff at the hotel picked up all my things and had them locked in my room so they would be there when I got back from the emergency room.

We were both taken to the er by an ambulance.  We had to have a tetanus shot and I had to have a CT scan to make sure I had no brain damage.  Frank had x-rays of his legs.  I took pictures of his markings.  He had them on his face, his throat, his arms, and his legs.  ( I will try to find a photo to attach to this blog.)

After hours in the er, we finally got a cab to take us back to our hotel.  We hit the bed with exhaustion!!  We had to followup with our doctors that next Monday and both of them said the same thing, “It’s a wonder you lived!”  

I have severe back and neck problems (not from that fall), and I know that God’s angels were there that night to shield us from death.  I know that the quilt around me were angel wings.  God protects Frank a lot, too.  Frank is a very big and heavy man, and it was a miracle he had no broken bones from the incident.  

I told you I would share other God encounters with you and this is surely one of them.Image

God Bless! 


I Want to Cure Mental Illness


People with mental illnesses have always drawn near to me.  Why?  I don’t really know, but I suspect that my personality and ability to communicate with just about anyone must contribute some aura all its own, thus drawing out those with mental problems.  Is that a sentence or what?

My first encounter with mental illness arrived as a young man to my singles’ group.  He was a handsome guy, but I soon felt something was not quite right.  He was the kind of guy who needed mothering.  But that wasn’t it.  He needed someone to “pet” and I was it.  The singles group sat together in church, so he would sit next to me and pet my hair all during service.  I know what people were saying, but believe me, they knew I was not going to put up with that very long.  I am NOT making fun of this young man; I am merely talking about his mental illness.  After asking him to not play with my hair, we had a long talk.  He said he was bi-polar, and had gotten sick while in the Marines.  Mental illness hits lots of young men in stressful situations.  He had not been diagnosed before his enlistment.  He continued to come to our meetings, but finally decided to go back to college and get a degree.  He wanted to do something useful even though he had problems.

Over the eleven years of ministry with singles, I met and am still friends with several bi-polar individuals.  As long as they stay on their medication they are normal to some extent.  However, most feel they are better and quit taking their meds.  This cycle continues through out their lives, usually ruining their relationships, marriages, and family lives.   Mental illness is not seen as a medical issue but as a legal issue.  In fact, I was married to someone who was mentally ill.

Mental illness comes in many forms.  One of my ex’s had several problems which no one was willing to divulge to me…even the psychiatrist told me that their sessions were private and wouldn’t even tell me what was wrong.  I would be sitting with him at dinner and he would be talking to someone else at the table…even when no one was there.  He changed his personality from day to day, and I  never knew what would happen next.  He bought a junk yard and put a third mortgage on our home…imagine that…without my permission.  He was super intelligent at times and at other times he didn’t know how to take a bus across town.  It is very difficult to help someone you love if no one tells you what is going on.  At one point, he attempted to choke me to death.  That was enough for me.  He is still ill and alone, now.  He needs a miracle.

One of my best friends is mentally ill.  Her family has deserted her, and has left her to take care of herself.  She can do that well enough when she is okay;  when she isn’t, then one of her friends has to stand in for family.  I pray a lot that she will be healed, and I believe that some of her illness has retreated.  She is coping better with life.  She hasn’t had a very happy life because of her illness.  I wish she would meet someone like herself and they could take care of each other.

One of my single friends  who was also bi-polar met a guy on line and married him.  He knew she had problems, but wanted a child.  She moved to New York, had his child, and is still there, I hope.  She was a fine Christian, but when she met him she became a Muslim.  I know her illness caused this reversal in her spiritual journey.  I know God will watch over her and the rest of these mentally ill friends.  HE has to because no one else is.

My desire and my husband’s is to find a cure for mental illness through the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.  These people need advocacy.  They can be cuffed and dragged off to jail at any time.  They fear the embarrassment of it all.  They end up in hospitals that don’t look any further when they hear “mental illness.”  No matter what is wrong with them physically, they are put in the psych ward.  I have seen how they treat them and it is not a pretty picture.  One of my friends was taken from her home in a soiled house dress and no underwear.  She was even barefoot.  Sometimes the cops just leave the house open, and she doesn’t even get a change to get her ID or wallet.

I know God loves these sometimes unlovable people.  I love them.  Since I have no family relationship with them, I am not allowed to talk to their doctors or anyone about them.  When they get to a hospital, the doctor there does the “treating” and doesn’t even call their own doctors to see what meds they have taken or which ones worked and which ones didn’t.  I feel so sorry for their unfair treatment and so should all of us.

If you know someone who is fighting mental illness, be a friend.  Get them the help they need.  Drive them to the hospital when they start acting out of the normal.  It is better than the cops showing up with cuffs.  Be an advocate for them.  Let people know about your friend.  Help your friends find a place to socialize and have fun.  Some day, these precious overlooked people will be cured.  I am hoping for great miracles for the mentally ill before Christ returns.  He said in the Word that we will do much more than He did while here on earth.  Pray for miracles.  Pray for the mentally ill.

God bless.