What will be your legacy?


When one is seventy and contemplating one’s life, questions arise about one’s legacy. This was on my mind yesterday when I had an epiphany. I realized that my legacy is very limited. I have two children and no grandchildren. I haven’t won a Nobel prize or a Pulitzer. Even my writing hasn’t been published and the five textbooks that took up almost 10 years of my life are now out of print. The question remains: what have I done in life that is important. What is my legacy?

The Holy Spirit has led me to my answer. It’s not what we leave behind on Earth that is our legacy; it is what we have done that will last forever. Things of Earth will wither away and die. Only that which has been stored up in Heaven will live forever.

That being said, my question for all of my readers is this: What have you stored up in Heaven? Have you promoted the Kingdom of God? Have you lived a life that models the love of Jesus? How many souls have you saved by sharing your story? Who will meet you at the gates of Glory? How many seeds did you sow? What fruit did you produce? Do you know for sure that you will get to Heaven? Will your children? How about your friends: did you share with them the gospel of Jesus? Will they be in Heaven with you? Have you had that conversation with your spouse about being with him/her in Heaven? Do you look forward to your life in Heaven? Do you even know what Heaven is like? Have you lived on God’s precepts? Do you live for Christ? Have you given up SELF in order to be in His Kingdom?

These questions need to be pondered by all of us…young and old. The time is coming soon when we shall meet our maker. How many crowns will we get? Is our name in the book of life? Have we been forgiven? Have we forgiven those who have hurt us? Jesus says we shall not be forgiven if we don’t forgive. We can’t know Jesus unless we know the Father. Do you know God? Have you asked Christ to reign in your life? Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you the truth about life and eternal life. Read your Bible…especially spend time in the book of John that is filled with the Holy words of Jesus. You will be convicted about the truth.

God Bless.


The Gift of Life


Life is a fleeting gift like a bouquet of roses, sweet smelling, blooming with vibrancy for a short time, yet gone with the wink of an eye.  I learned this life-lesson at the age of fourteen after having a near-death experience with asthma.  I saw life pass me by again at the age of twenty-two when my young husband died of melanoma.  Many never learn the fragility of life.  It pierced me again when I gave up a little boy for adoption and again when my daughter had her first diagnosis of melanoma.  Life rolled over me when my young nephew died of an overdose, leaving behind a two-year old.  Emptiness and despair cradled me after two divorces…the death of relationships and love, the waste of years and tears.  Most see the gift disappear when the reality of losing a parent strikes.  That precious gift gets unwrapped and enjoyed for such a short time.  Friends go on to their heavenly rewards.  Your first high school romance leaves the earth behind.  Homes are dismantled and packed up. Precious relics of the past are sold or given away.  Memories become your best friends. You buy your last car.  You make your will. You wonder where the time went.  Life slows to a card game or a movie on TV.  When it’s bedtime, you recall your childhood prayer, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep; if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.”

At seventy, life has been played. I have my eyes on things above.  Eternity is the gift that Christ has given me.  It will never die or wilt away.  Joy will be forevermore.  My family and friends I’ll see once more, and I’ll stroll the streets of gold with saints of old.

Make sure you have used your gift wisely and lovingly, but the best is yet to come.  I pray you are ready and sure your name is in the book of life.

God Bless!Image