Mahjong, anyone?


Played a new game today called “mahjong.”  It is an old Chinese game that I’ve seen many Jewish women playing. It is played with 144 tiles that have pictures/characters/numbers on them and is similar to playing rummy.  One plays with three other people.

The hard part of the game is knowing what goes with what…example:  bams go with other bams, cracks go with cracks, dots, with dots, and flowers with flowers.  There are also tiles for the four winds, N, S, E, W and green and red dragons.  There are also tiles called soaps…don’t know how to use them yet.

I played three games and only needed one tile when someone went out…with “mahjong.”

I liked the game.  The game board costs $8 and each person has her own.  You try to pick a set of pictures (on the game board)  to match with what you have…I changed patterns after the game started.

If you want to learn a game that a lot of women play, it is bridge.  But the second most played game is mahjong…so watch a game or go online and read about it or play it.  The only way to learn is to play it.

Games are an important part of growing old.  Playing them keeps the mind active and you sociable.

God Bless.