The Day I Met My 40 Year Old Son


The Day I Met My 40 Year Old Son

This is a photo of me and my son, Joey. I had not seen him for 40 years and finally met him. We found each other using the computer. My daughter and I went to meet him together. I had placed him in adoption when he was born. That was when abortion was NOT legal. I went off for 6 months and lived in the hills of NC until he was born. This was a milestone in my life that now has me advocating to save the lives of unborn babies.

Bob King and I at Reunion


Bob King and I at Reunion

Bob King and I went to Milligan College in 1962. We were both in Mother’s Sunday School class at Capital Heights Christian Church. We were part of Bob Kroh’s kids who decided to go to his Alma mater. He was our preacher at the time. Picture was taken at our 45th reunion.