Thursday Night Outing


We have started going to a home group.  Home groups are small groups of Christians who worship, pray, and eat together much like they did when Jesus was here.

Our home group is special.  Most of us are “broken-hearted” Christians who have been healed by the love of Christ and His church.  We share and encourage each other.  We pray for each other as well.

Christ wants us to be with other Christians for just these reasons.  It is not easy being “green” as Kermit would say.  Christ told us that, too.  Along the road of life we have some unexpected twists and turns and sometimes a pot hole or two.  We need to keep the faith, keep on smiling, and keep in the Word.

Doing these things will keep us close to the one who makes life worth living: Jesus.

God Bless.

Picture taken in the Bahamas on board a cruise ship.

Picture taken in the Bahamas on board a cruise ship.


Sunday’s Coming!


Saturday was an uneventful day.  It’s after eight now, and all I have accomplished today is watching movies!  Getting ready to wash my hair because Sunday is coming!

I don’t know about you, but I love Sunday’s.  Frank and I are attending Vero Vineyard Christian Church which is very small but very on fire for the Lord.  Their music ministry is awesome!!  I can feel God’s spirit around us within minutes of worship service which lasts about 30-45 minutes.  Usually the music is original and very inspiring.  The singers and the band should produce an album; they are very professional.

Before and after church, we mingle in the cafe and chat.  It’s a warm church with all ages, but Frank and I are probably the oldest members.  Lots of teens meet on Friday nights (around 15).  We are going to attend a worship ministry on Thursday nights beginning next week.

After church is diner in our dining room…this Sunday it will be in our rooms again.  Usually we practice for wii bowling after lunch but we are still in lockdown, so I guess that won’t happen either.  This has been a very lonely week.  We are always out and about here, eating, playing games, doing crafts, mingling, etc, but none this week.  Hopefully we will be back to normal by Monday.  I sure do miss my Bible Study group.  We are very close.  Most of us were sick; one is in rehab from another heart incident.

Another Saturday night for us YOUNG ‘UNS…TV, baths, etc.  then bedtime.  Frank conks out around 9, and I go to bed when ever I get sleepy…usually midnight or after.

Night all.

God Bless!