Thursday Night Outing


We have started going to a home group.  Home groups are small groups of Christians who worship, pray, and eat together much like they did when Jesus was here.

Our home group is special.  Most of us are “broken-hearted” Christians who have been healed by the love of Christ and His church.  We share and encourage each other.  We pray for each other as well.

Christ wants us to be with other Christians for just these reasons.  It is not easy being “green” as Kermit would say.  Christ told us that, too.  Along the road of life we have some unexpected twists and turns and sometimes a pot hole or two.  We need to keep the faith, keep on smiling, and keep in the Word.

Doing these things will keep us close to the one who makes life worth living: Jesus.

God Bless.

Picture taken in the Bahamas on board a cruise ship.

Picture taken in the Bahamas on board a cruise ship.

Birds of a feather fly together!


Birds of a feather fly together!

When you get to see a picture like this, it deserves to be shot. These guys really know how to party. Notice that they give each other room to move, but yet are very content to be all together…much like we do in our independent living facility. It is great to have people all around us, but we have our own space…a beautiful big apartment.