Five Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in School


I taught in public education for over 38 years and have dealt with all kinds of students and parents.  In this blog, I want to share some ideas with you that will help your child succeed in school.

  1.  Always be interested in what your child has done in school.  Look over any papers brought home, any grades written on the papers, etc.  This single ACT of interest will create a bond between you and the child.  Do not criticize the work.  Just acknowledge the work was done and received a grade or a star, etc.  Many of my students have said, “Why try to get better grades!  My parents don’t even look at my work.!”
  2.  Show up at school meetings, introductions, etc.  This shows the teacher that YOU really are concerned In the student’s welfare. It also reassures the child that you ARE interested.
  3. Make a chart (make it attractive) and hang it in child’s room. Every time the child makes a grade better than the last, put it on the chart and add some sticker or star to show it off.  Let the child have pride in doing better…Don’t expect A’s right away, either.  Give the child PRAISE.
  4. Get down on your child’s level.  For elementary school aged children, sit down on the floor with them.  Don’t hover above them.  Older children need you  to sit beside them as you talk and look at their work.  If you had a particular issue in school, tell the child in order to communicate your feelings.  However, don’t let them get discouraged by your failure…tell them it got better!
  5.   Take a determined interest in helping your child LIKE the education process.  Talk about the teacher and the classroom.  Is the child afraid of something? Is he/she being embarrassed by something?  Does your child have an undiagnosed learning disability?  I want you to make sure your child CAN learn.  It may not be as fast as the others, but most children, given enough time and attention can LEARN.  In today’s world, the biggest problem is HOW your child learns.  Perhaps he/she has a reading disability or a hearing disability. Maybe your child cannot see clearly or sits back too far from the teacher and the board.  This is your time to PLAY detective.  Find out with the teacher’s help HOW you can help.

In future blogs, I will be adding some other suggestions.  If you have a question for me, just leave a comment.

God Bless!

The Ramblings of an old lady!


July 30, 2015

Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon on the computer and the phone doing some research about how to get a doctorate degree. Yes, at 71, I am considering a doctorate!

I spoke with two universities about their online programs that would lead to either a D. Ed. (Doctorate of Education) or a PH. D.  (Doctorate of Philosophy in Psychology/Education).  Since I love research and creative endeavors, I have been doing a lot of thinking and writing.(Including my memoir Grace for Gypsy Girls, under my pen name Ann Naedele)

My question to myself is this:  At my age do I need this degree for some higher purpose, or do I need this degree to satisfy ego for the lifelong work I have done in education over 38 years of teaching?

My answer:  If I could effect change in our approach and implementation of a new educational system by any other means than acquiring a doctorate, I would feel fulfilled in life.

In conclusion, a doctorate degree costs between $42,000 and $100,000 which I do not have nor know how to acquire.  Therefore, I am going to use my blog and eventually a scholarly book to prove that the educational system of today can be better for all children under my plan.

So readers, be prepared.  My blog is going to take on a new topic soon.  I know there are tons of retired educators out there that have great ideas about this issue.  Perhaps with some collaboration and creativity we can set the world on fire with a new philosophy of education.  My first blog will give you my mission state.

Please feel free to share or comment.


July in Vero Beach


One word describes July in Vero Beach:  HOT!  I guess all of you know about HOT.  The country has been dealing with the heat, storms, floods, and tornadoes for months.  I can only imagine what August will bring.  Personally, I am hoping for the “rapture”…can’t wait to see my heavenly home, shed this body for a new one, and maybe become a blond…I’ve asked but haven’t heard back on that request!  I did ask for God to let me bring along my Chihuahuas!  I think he’ll give me that one.

Sorry I haven’t posted lately.  I have been reformatting my eBook for paperback copy.  It is DONE!  You can now get a real book from!  Our memoir, Grace for Gypsy Girls, is a great read about all the adventures and misadventures of RonnAnn, my daughter, and me.  We’ve lived in lots of different states and have had to deal with a lot of adversity over the years, but in spite of it all, she managed to marry and become a doctor.  With all the hype about single parent families, I think we came out on top, not the bottom.  I managed to hold a job in teaching most of the time and kept us out of harm’s way.

You’ll enjoy the ride, so please read it and let me know what you think about my writing style.  I also have a young adult short read available.  If you have teens, I would love for you to let them read it and rate it for me.  I want to be sure it is something they would enjoy.  It’s called Milligan Mayhem by Ann Naedele…my author names are different, but it’s mine!

Coming soon:  I am going to post some more articles about education; schools will be starting soon and I hope you are ready for all the things your children will be facing this year.  I am going to address gender and sexual orientation.  Stay tuned!


Seven Good Reasons to Home School


my classroom

Homeschooling your child will:

1.  Protect your child from ideas that do not conform to your religious beliefs.

2.  Better monitor how your child is doing in his/her studies on a daily basis.

3.  Give immediate feedback on the work being done.

4.  Allow for individualized instruction.

5.  Provide a quiet environment for studies.

6.  Offer protection from the violence being seen in public schools.

7. Censor new cultural mores that do not follow traditional family values.

The biggest objection to home schooling has been the lack of socialization; however, keeping your family involved in church activities, sporting events, and neighborhood centers will offer this socialization.

As a public school teacher for over 38 years, I have recently opened my mind to home schooling after all the unusual and conflicting ideas on gender identity and sexual rituals.  I feel I would want to protect my child from these new outlooks.

Fortune 500 Company Job!


I once worked for a Fortune 500 company!  Control Data Corporation was a huge presence in the computer industry and back in the 1970’s was a definite threat to IBM.  Both companies made Super Computers that would run entire power plants.

I was working for a community college at the time, and we had just implemented these fantastic touch panel screens for the computers which were hooked up to a master computer in Michigan.  We worked our curriculum around these computers so they were used in a systematic way to teach reading and math.  The Plato system could increase the reading level of a student in about 20 sessions…not an entire year!  It worked , too, and I was impressed along with everyone else.

Control Data pursued me and offered me twice what I was making at the college to work for them as a learning center manager.  I took the job  It was a fantastic experience where I learned so much about marketing, supervision, and management.  All employees in management have to take over 36 hours of course ware on those Plato computers.  It was the most magical thing I had ever experienced!

My job as manager of the Learning Center was to sell courses to the parents of students who were struggling in class.  The students would come in and be tested on the computer and then I would look over their tests and the computer would place them in the module where they would start working.  It was innovative, creative, and fascinating. Control Data had learning centers in many states around the country: NC, TN, SC, IL, MA, and FL.  Each had my counterpart; we would get together several times a year and compare strategies.I loved everyone with whom I worked!

Another part of my job was hiring someone to help with the students whenever I wasn’t there.  I also had an office manager who was already in place at the time and helped train me.  It was a beautiful, quiet, comfortable place to work.  The children were always excited and their parents never complained.  I loved going to work every day.

Besides the children working on the computers, the securities industry would send new employees to our center to take tests about their jobs on the computer.  It would evaluate them immediately so they didn’t have to wait.  That was a remarkable testing mechanism, very well protected and confidential.  To my knowledge that may be still in place…the testing.

Well, this is just another one of the many interesting jobs I have held over the years.  Each one has prepared me for continuing education, teaching, evaluating, selling, and writing.  I am so grateful for all the different jobs I’ve been privileged to learn.

This job with Control Data led me into the next job I will write about tomorrow:  Commercial Credit.