Student Stories #3


This is the third story in a series I am doing for my readers.

She was a tiny bit of a girl.  I guess she was 16 yrs. old.  Sometimes she would hang around after class and help me put up books, clean up trash, and put away the coffee pot.

One day I asked her about her life, and she told me this wild story!  I am sure it was true.  She stayed in my classes until she completed her high school diploma.

It seems this young lady’s mother gave her permission to let her boyfriend spend the night with her.  This went on for over a year. Remember she was probably 15 at the time.  She did not tell me how old the boyfriend was.

Anyway, back to Mama.  Apparently her mother took a liking for the boy, too, and became pregnant with his child.  The daughter asked her mother about her pregnancy and was told that the boyfriend was now her lover!  The boy moved into the Mother’s room until the baby was born.

When the baby came, the Mother told the daughter to take care of the child and pretend it was hers.  Everyone was told that she had had the baby.  In fact it was her baby sister.

This student was still living with her mother and the lover, but she was the child’s mother.  She came to school three days a week and the “lover” watched the child while she finished her high school diploma.  Once she graduated, I never heard from her again.

I only hope this young lady would consider this arrangement bizarre and move out with the child. She, too, was emancipated from her family and was on her own.

Parents can be detrimental to the “mental” health of their children.

Blessings, readers.

Student Stories #2


This is second in a series of stories about my students.  I taught high school for 38 years and have heard just about everything.

She came into my room with a sweet smile on her young face and a belly the size of a small cantaloupe.I estimated that she was about seven months pregnant.  This was nothing new.  A lot of my students had been suspended from regular school because of pregnancy, behavior issues, or trouble with the law.

She was taking English III and creative writing.  All her papers and workbook entries were perfect.  She was a great student. One of her creative writing pieces was so interesting and descriptive that I asked her about it.  She began to tell me a story that I will never forget.

When she was 14 her mother died.  She became so traumatized that she had to be hospitalized.  She was reviewed by the best doctors where she lived; then her father and a doctor decided she needed to be placed in a group home situation.  Her father found a “retreat” in upstate New York and sent her there.

What she ended up in was far from a “retreat.”  She was in a cult that practiced cuttings as a way of punishment and shame.  They would shame the children in front of the entire body.  Any small infraction of the rules would lead to “cutting” their bodies as punishment.

This young girl showed me her arms that were cleverly covered by long sleeves.  From her wrist up to where her elbow bent she had cuts which were now scars.  It sent chills through me!

I asked about her pregnancy and she told me one of the counselors at the “retreat” had made her pregnant.  He was married and had four children.  She wouldn’t tell me any identifying details about the man or the “retreat.”

She had left the camp when she became pregnant after being shamed by the entire body for her “accident.”  Nothing was done to the counselor who was 30 and married.  They said she had tantalized him!  She was sent away and ended up in my classes.

She was emancipated and could make her own decisions.  She lived with a group of kids on the beach/small apartment they all shared.  She was a “hippy” throwback to the 60’s.  She wore long skirts and made ankle bracelets for a living.  She sold them on the beach.

She knew how to sew, so I gave her a sewing machine.  She completed all her classes and graduated soon after her baby was born.  I was so proud of her for finishing high school in spite of everything that had happened to her.  She began to go to church with me and I became close to her and the baby.

I lost track of her for a few years, but received a letter from her telling me that she had given her child to the man who had made her pregnant.  Apparently he had filed complaints against her and filed for custody which he had won!  What a blow to hear that news. He in fact had raped this young girl and now was taking her child away from her.

Somewhere out there is a mixed up woman who has lost her child to her abuser.  She lost her mother, and apparently her father.  I hope to hear from her someday to tell me she is married, settled down, and a mother again.  This world is a scary place, isn’t it?

Blessings, dear readers.

Stories about Students


I’m going to share with you some real stories about students I have taught over the years.  Some may seem unbelievable to you, but I am telling the truth.  I taught high school for 38 years and have been amazed at the lives of these teen.  The year nor the name will be used to protect myself and the student.

I welcomed the unusual student to the classroom and noticed his accent and strange hair. I asked him his nationality and he told me.  He had enrolled in my Creative Writing course.  For the first week I received the normal amount of work from him and all was well.

One assignment asked for a descriptive scene that could be used in a movie or on the stage.  He wrote three pages.  The scene was a local mall.  The main character was dressed in combat boots and was armed with several weapons (guns and knives).

He described walking through the mall and shooting any black person that he saw.  It was a chilling massacre of innocent people. He commented about the shops and where he would find most of his victims.

I gave the paper to my superior.  She in turn gave it to her boss who called in the police.  The student and his father were called in and questioned. At the end of the day, the student was expelled from campus, forbidden to be seen in the mall, and the police notified the mall with his photo.

I never saw him again.  I hope we prevented his plan.  He may have moved to another town.

Tomorrow I will give you a story of a beautiful young girl and her life after her mother died.

All in a day’s work in high school.

Blessings All.

Something to Motivate You Today


Hi, readers…I need your help with something else.  Please take a look at these excerpts…if you like, then buy eBook and review it for me…it will increase the likelihood that others will read it.

I wanted to add an excerpt from each of my books so you will know if you want to read it or not.

Milligan Mayhem by Ann Naedele (penname) only on

Pardee Hall sits smack dab in the middle of campus, a grand old lady with Greek columns which turn sky-blue pink in the sunset each evening. Staircases on both sides of the front portico give the dorm a romantic Southern mansion look.  Today they’re snow-covered, and the giant firs surrounding the dorm are heavy-laden, a sure cover shot for “Southern Living.”

Grace for Gypsy Girls by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele only on

One night I was having a horrible asthma attack.  I hurt so badly from trying to get breath to my lungs that I had propped myself with pillows, and sat up to sleep.  Suddenly, I became a spirit hovering over my body.  I remember saying to myself, “Poor girl.  she looks like she is in so much pain.”  There was a bright light at the window which was at the foot of the bed.  I knew it was Jesus, but I couldn’t see him.  He spoke to me, mind to mind, not out loud.  He said, “You may come with me, or you may stay.”

I hope you enjoyed these short sections.  Please buy my books and make sure you do a review for Amazon.  They are only $2.99 each and can be read on computer or Kindle.


Practices Families Force on their Elderly Parents


Lately I have been appalled at the situations that the couples here have had to face.  Several couples that have been together for years and years, but were remarried after one spouse died, have two sets of offspring…hers and his.

When it comes time for families to decide what to do with the parent who can no longer care for himself/herself , the children come in, take over, and move their parent to one place and expect the other children to take care of their parent…which means moving that parent away from the  spouse.

I cannot  understand these children!  At the least the two sets of children should sit down together and discuss the situation.  Couples don’t want to be separated to die alone.  They can be placed together in a nursing facility or in an Alzeheimer unit.  There are very nice units available where both people can live together as long as possible or until one dies.

We marry to share our lives with another person.  We marry to love that spouse until we die.  I don’t want to be separated from him because I lose my abilities to function.  The support and love of a spouse helps make this transition better and bearable.  I almost cried when I learned how these couples have been corralled by their children to go separate ways.

Please, when you have to make a decision, consider the life and love of the couple you need to care for.  If both aren’t your parent, at least show some empathy for them and their predicament.  Don’t split them up.  Be kind and understanding.  Talk to the other family and decide to do the best for both of them.  If one family wants a parent closer, then make sure the spouse wants to move…and if he/she wants to move with their spouse.

I’d like some response about this situation.


June is busting out all over!


Dear readers,

Today has been a bitter-sweet one. Got up this am and had a swollen ankle!  Gout!  It is not full-blown but hurts all the same.  I took my meds and iced it down, but I also had commitments to play games today.  Also today was Bible Study night.

I hobbled on down to meet two friends to play Mah Jongg.  We each one won one game…that looks weird, doesn’t it?  Then I went to lunch and met Frank; we had a nice dinner and then left to play our weekly game of Pinochle with a couple we know.

The girls won a game and the guys won the other two.  Maybe next week we will win two…or maybe three.

I took another hour to restudy Matthew 17 and 18 before heading off to supper.  After supper is Bible Study.  I have 12 or 13 women who come when they can.  They are a joy to me and a blessing.  They love my lessons and have a hunger for the word of God.

We learned two new items tonight.

1.  Jesus had a “rehearsal” of the transfiguration when he ascended into Heaven…didn’t know this…some bibles call it a vision…but it seemed like the real thing.

2.  Jesus didn’t feel like he, the Son of God, had to pay taxes on the Temple…because the tax collectors never taxed their sons…why should he have to pay as the Son of God?  Then he decided not to cause a problem and had his disciple catch a fish and retrieve a coin for the taxes out of the fish’s mouth.

The Bible is an awesome read.  I’ve been teaching it for 30 years now…it is always a wonder and I always learn something new!

Need to close for now….that was another day’s journey in the life of a retired 71 year old…Hope you enjoyed it.


Retirement and Bingo!


Hi, all.  I have a dilemma. I call Bingo here where I live in Independent Senior housing two times a week.  I have been doing this for about a year.

On this past Monday, I played 6 games with them (about 30).  I introduced two new shapes for play.  I have never heard such complaining!  The Sat. before I had a new sheet also, but was told they were all too easy and boring.

Here’s the problem. I need to be diplomatic and let them all know that they must be tolerant of each other’s Bingo fun.  I can’t please them all, but I can be fair and play some hard games and some easy games.  They need to understand that everyone loves to play, but some are slower than others and some play 6 cards instead of 3 cards.  How do I convince them to keep playing and if a game seems hard, just play one card until they see the new pattern better.  I don’t want to hurt their feelings or make them seem “dull”.

Thanks for your comments.  I call Bingo tomorrow night!


Mah Jong


I played 5 hands of Mah Jong tonight and couldn’t win one!!! Two games were a shut-out…no one won; and one women won the other three….bummer…

I love the game, however.  It is addictive!  You hate to quit!

I am reading a fascinating book that many of you would love…It’s called UNDEMOCRATIC by Jay Sekulow…ACLJ lawyer.  He tells the whole story about the IRS…and other agencies that are so powerful that they make their own rules and  no one votes on them.  It’s a must read…easy and fast.

I am also reading 4 of Tim LaHays’ books..fiction, but so interesting…Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  I read them a long time ago and wanted to reread them.  We are studying the Gospels in Bible Study and these books were written taking into consideration the Word.

I guess that’s all for tonight.  I am pooped!  It ain’t easy being green! and 71!!


The Merry Month of May


Just a short note to my readers.  I am being lazy these days.   I apologize…Spent two hours tonight ordering Memory Bench for one of our residents.  I order them and get the plaque engraved for the Residents’ Association for which I am the secretary.

I love doing that, but it took some time tonight because the bench that we buy was not available in 5 ft. size, so I had to find a substitute..only difference was the back…straight across instead of curved…no big deal.  Still a beautiful bench to honor the man’s deceased wife.

Today on Amazon, my Milligan Mayhem novelette is being billed as $0.99 for a few days, so if you haven’t read it yet, now would be  a good time to get it.  It usually costs $2.99..still a great price.

The other book, a memoir by my daughter and me, took us 2 years to write and get it posted on Amazon.  Grace for Gypsy Girls.  You can find both books under my pen name:  Ann Naedele

While in Amazon check out all the other deals.  My books are eBooks for now, not paperback.  Maybe one day!

Well, tomorrow is another day.  Perhaps I will share a few pages from my book with you then.  My husband has 2 dr. appt. so I will be busy all afternoon.

Look for my post after supper time.

Blessings to all.

Back at Last!


Dear Readers,

Sorry for the past couple of months off line, but I’m up and ready again to post.

I have had two very severe GOUT attacks!!  Yes, a woman has Gout…not an easy thing to have…very painful…and debilitating!!

I have been busy with my daughter writing our memoirs…the ebook is now available on Grace for Gypsy Girls by Ann and RonnAnn Naedele….

I also uploaded a novelette called Milligan Mayhem by Ann Douffas Naedele…name in college…

Book is short and designed to hit the young adult market, but you’ll get a kick out of it, too.

Later…Lunch bell….